Music therapy; helping veterans through the power of song


SILVER BAY, MN– The Silver Bay Veterans Home has been offering music therapy to many of its residents.

Through the power of song, they hope to give these aging veterans something lasting to hold on to even as their memories begin to fade.

“When you find the songs that they really love, it brings such joy to them. Music is one of the last things they’ll forget, so they’re gonna have that with them for a very long time and it brings back really good memories for them,” said Martha Chateleine, Board-Certified Music Therapist.

KBJR 6 will take you inside a music therapy session at 10 p.m. and explain how a big grant from the northland chapter of the Red Cross is helping the program thrive.

If you would like to donate an iTunes gift card, you can mail them to the Red Cross in Duluth or drop them off.


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