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Must-Have Android Auto App Lets You Download and Install Third-Party Tools

A new application called Android Auto Apps Downloader, or AAAD, allows Android users to download and install a series of third-party applications and then enable them on Android Auto to be used on the head unit in their cars.
While such a thing would technically be possible without a dedicated solution in this regard, the changes that Google has implemented in Android Auto blocks third-party apps from showing up on Android Auto unless they are approved and listed on the Google Play Store.

So what AAAD does is to allow you to install apps like CarStream, Fermata, Screen2Auto, AA Mirror, Performance Monitor, and AA Passenger with just a few taps, all from your mobile phone and without the need for a PC or any other hacks.

But the best news is that no root is required either, so you can just install the application on your device regardless of the phone model and then you should be able to deploy the support third-party software, including the tools mentioned above, in a matter of seconds.

Created by the same developer that brought us Extras for AA, an Android Auto customization app that people truly loved, AAAD doesn’t come with a built-in auto-update engine, but you can still install the latest versions of the apps right from the main screen manually.

The developer, however, says such a feature is already in the works though.

The free version of AAAD allows one download at no cost every 30 days, while the Pro version obviously unlocks the full experience and lets you install as many apps as you want, as often as you want.

In case you’re wondering if other apps like Netflix and YouTube can make their way to Android Auto using this app, the dev says this wouldn’t happen. This is because these apps lack support for Android Auto in the first place – not to mention that you shouldn’t really use them while driving anyway.