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New features, modes and more


PUBG BGMI 1.6 update – PUBG BGMI 1.6 Features: Recently, PUBG 1.6 update time and release date was revealed along with several different game modes to make the game more dynamic and get hold of more players. The PUBG BGMI 1.6 updates will enhance the experience for the gamers & has brought in whole lot of new features. Check all details about new features and most importantly how to download PUBG BGMI 1.6 Updates

PUBG BGMI 1.6 update: New features, modes, release date and much more

PUBG BGMI 1.6 update – PUBG BGMI 1.6 Features: The new updated features are already popular in the beta version of the game are to be incorporated in the stable version as well including the Flora Menace game mode. 

PUBG 1.6 update will reward new outfits, different weapon skins and other items as a login bonus. Players are eagerly waiting for the upcoming BGMI 1.6 update which will introduce a lot of new features. The BGMI 1.6 update is also on its way and will offer new weapons, game modes and enemy tracking features.

Here is a list of new features in PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update 

  1. Vikendi Map – This was initially taken off during the 1.3 version update, however, the players will again be able to enjoy the Vikendi Map 2.0 in the new update. 
  2. Flora Menace – PUBG 1.6 update will also let gamers use modes like Cell-Matrix, Rejuvenation Barrier, and Dynahex Supply.
  3.  Evo Ground Mode – In the earlier version of the same, Evo Ground Mode was present, however, it was removed later. Now, gamers will once again be able to enjoy these modes.

BGMI 1.6 update

PUBG BGMI 1.6 update release date – What is Flora Menace mode? Krafton has also introduced a new game mode known as the Flora Menace mode with the BGMI 1.6 update. The Flora menace mode will be available on Erangel, Sanhok and Livik and will offer features like Zillion Matrix, Dynahex Supply and Life Barrier. The basic settings page has also been updated. Players will now be able to track their enemies by the help of the new Show Route option that has been incorporated in the map. The latest BGMI 1.6 update will be available for players from September 14, 2021.

PUBG 1.6 update

The PUBG 1.6 update will also bring the Flora Menace game mode as it was already there in the beta version of the game. A new region known as the Reunion will be tested only in select regions and countries. Players from the same region will be able to participate in regional ranking and get a chance to earn titles.

Krafton has already announced that the latest BGMI 1.6 update will be available for players from 16th September till 19th September 2021.

PUBG BGMI 1.6 update release dateCheck how to Download it? Players will be able to download the game as soon as the 1.6 update goes live on their devices. Android users can get the game from PlayStore and iOS users can download it from the Apple App Store.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can download the PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update on your Android devices using the APK file 

Step 1: Download the APK file for PUBG Mobile 1.6 beta version from https://web.gpubgm.com/

Step 2: Once you download PUBG Mobile 1.6 beta’s APK file on your device, change the setting to “Install from Unknown Source”

Step 3: After the installation is completed, open the PUBG Mobile 1.6 beta on your device. 

The size of the file is 742 MB, so make sure you have enough space on your device for the PUBG Mobile 1.6 beta’s APK file and the resource pack.

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