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New York Fashion Week Begins 2019


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New York fashion week will be Organize in Manhattan.


New York Fashion Week will be held on Friday, September 6, 2019, and ends on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.


The NewYork fashion week 2019 will begin at 9:04 am.

New York Fashion Week (NTFW) is an outstanding platform not only for designers but also for viewers, buyers, and for the media. Fashion Week started when the top designer of the world presents their newly coming edition of clothes. In a New York Fashion Week, participant designers present their best collection because of its a golden chance for the designer to show their collection to the whole world.  It held two times in a year, once in February and other in September. Upcoming fashion begins in New York Fashion Week.

In the year of 1943, ‘press week’ which know a day is popular as ‘New York Fashion Week’ was founded by Eleanor Lambert. Eleanor Lambert was a press director of New York Dress Institute. New York Fashion Week was held to divert people from watching French Fashion Show during the time of World War-II. The first fashion show was held on July 19, 1943, and it takes roundabout 50 years to achieve this fame. Then people were attracted to New York Fashion Week, all great designers from the world take a keen interest in New York Fashion Week and in this way, New York Fashion Week gained sky-high popularity.

Now-a-day, the council of Fashion Designer America is trying to make this fashion week more decent and fabulous to keep viewers and buyers interest.  Every season of New York Fashion Week lasts for eight days, some people have objection on this Fashion Week for its timing and duration keeping this objection in a view, and the council of Fashion Designer America have decided to cut it short. In this season New York Fashion Week will be held for only five days and night. This fashion show will display all seasonal and luxury designing content.

Designers Who Participate:

He is an American fashion designer, director, social media personality and also a good photographer. Brandon Maxwell invents the luxury women’s ready-to-wear label

  • Prabal Gurung
  • Kerby Jean-Ray
  • Vivienne Tam
  • Bibhu Mohapatra
  • Charlotte Ranson
  • Zang Toi
  • Carmen Marc Valvo
  • Felipe Oliveira Bapista
  • Sander lak

VIP Designer:

He is the designer who participate in the upcoming Fashion week that will be held in New York. He is only 25 years old. Even after his official work, he remains busy at night to create a new design collection. According to Rogers, their bedroom consists of two tables, a sewing machine, a whiteboard with a single wooden rack. That’s the reason me and my things are really too close. The talent and the hard work of Rogers can be seen in his collection. Besides this, the companions of Rogers are busy in making of street wears or Americana. At that time he was making his stunning collection which he will be displayed in Fashion week.

In the last season, the romantic fairytale collections of Caroline Hu just won the hearts of all viewers. She is a great and famous fashion designer, who born in the Shenzhen, in China. Caroline’s father taught her how to paint in her childhood.  The recent collection which she displayed in the fashion week of New York, was just showing Matisse’s “women Reading”. She also won the prize bond of $100,000 in the fashion week of china. So, it will not false if saying that she will display something more charming than before.

She is an Industrial designer, also a student in Mexico City. In this fashion week of New York, she had displayed her nostalgic and Graphic designing T-shirts also with bad memes. Now she becomes mature and ready to display baby tees cutout emblazoned, skirt pants, and also the crop tops which are ready by puffer jackets.

She is a fashion designer who is famous for her woven sweater, dresses, and coats. Her sexy silk stuff dresses and also the vibrant colours become the favourite of all celebrities.

New York Fashion Week is not only for the celebrities but it is of two types:

  • Industrial show
  • Open to the public show

Make sure to collect your tickets to the public show.

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