Newest Sal Baglio album is “Music for Abandoned Amusement Parks.”


Anyone who asks Sal Baglio if he’d like to talk about music had better be ready for a marathon chat. The genially verbose frontman for the long-running Boston rockers the Stompers (still together for limited gigs after forming more than four decades ago) is just as comfortable discussing his newest solo album “Music for Abandoned Amusement Parks” – released under his musical nom de plume The Amplifier Heads – as he is recalling being smitten by the guitar when he was growing up in East Boston.

Sal Baglio is still rockin’.

Might as well start with those guitar memories.

“My first one was a little plastic guitar when I was 3,” he said from his home in Marlborough, where “Amusement Parks” was recorded in his Electric Zucchini Studio. “My first real guitar, an acoustic Stella, was a gift from my father’s cousin when I was about 7. My father, who was a wonderful musician, but had stopped playing professionally before I was born, taught me my first chords, and how to play.


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