NIA Invokes UAPA Against Arrested Cop Sachin Vaze


Vaze is accused to have conspired to plant the SUV outside Ambani’s residence and later killing its owner Mansukh Hiren.

In a parallel investigation being conducted by the Maharashtra ATS, Vaze has been alleged to be the key conspirator in Hiren’s killing.

The ATS has arrested two people in the case, a cop named Vinayak Shinde and a bookie named Naresh Dhare. Dhare is said to have bought a sim card for Shinde, using which the latter had called Hiren to meet him before he was found dead.

However, Vaze’s motive is still unclear. Both cases have now been taken over by the NIA.

In an FIR filed by Mansukh’s wife Kamala Hiren, she had detailed Vaze’s alleged association with the family and claimed that the car was in Vaze’s possession for months until 5 February.

After his transfer from the Crime Investigation Unit by the Maharashtra government amid political pressure, Vaze was suspended from the force following his arrest on 13 March.


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