No Work From Home For Facebook Contractors: Report


San Francisco, March 13 :In a somewhat biased sign, Facebook has obviously confined its legitimate pros (outcast substance arbiters) from work out of home, and has rather asked standard staff to benefit work from home decision amidst new coronavirus scene in the US.

As demonstrated by The Interceptor, numerous temporary workers said that, “contrary to decrees to them from Facebook, they are exiled by their real organizations from working from home, despite the particular reachability and away from clinical preferences of doing so.’Facebook has acquired brief laborers used by Accenture and Wipro and most of those are content authorities.

These workers said they’ve been educated that the principle way they can stay at home is by using the dealt with time (PTO) days they’re dispersed each year.”Most people here are weakened, hacking, and wheezing. The working environment missed the mark on Clorox wipes,” the workers were refered to as saying in the report on Thursday.

“One Accenture laborer unveiled to The Intercept that their entire gathering of in excess of 20 brief specialists had been educated that they were not permitted to work from home to avoid tainting”.

In all honesty, Facebook expected to close its Seattle office after one of its legally binding laborers attempted positive for COVID-19. As demonstrated by Tracy Clayton, a Facebook agent, a brief laborer arranged in the Stadium East Office was resolved to have coronavirus.

The electronic life beast has “unequivocally recommended all of its workers in the Bay Area to work from home. According to an association delegate, “there is some work that is unimaginable from home for content examiners, a part of this work must be done from the work environment for prosperity, security and real reasons”.

“We’re examining work from home choices on a fleeting reason, and have quite recently engaged it in specific zones,” the delegate was referred to as saying.

As demonstrated by a post from an Austin Facebook authoritative laborer, Accenture “is simply sending home people who show flu-like appearances in the workplace”.


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