Home News Nobody will confront them about ruining our parties

Nobody will confront them about ruining our parties


Dear Amy: One of our sons and his wife are consistently late for each and every get-together, most of which are held at our home. They are parents to our 2-year-old grandson.

Amy Dickinson 

They can be between two and four hours late — it seems they just pop over when they feel like it.

We usually set a time for what they have said works best for them!

This past Father’s Day, everyone came over at 1 p.m. I did all of the cooking (as usual), and they showed up at 5 p.m.!

Our other four married children are also parents. Due to the lateness, the rest of the family is not getting to spend any time with this one grandchild/cousin because they are ready to go home by the time the latecomers arrive.

This has become a big issue.

We have stopped waiting for them to eat and decline their offers to bring a dish or dessert because it’s not here when we need it!

As a parent I’m torn. I’m not comfortable saying anything to my son or DIL, and I don’t think my other kids want to, either.

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