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WISHING DADDY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITH A PHOTO SPREAD: When Hong Kong actor Simon Yam turned 66 last Friday, his daughter Ella posted a series of photos on social media. Tagging her father, Ella, 16, wrote on Weibo: “Happy birthday, dad”.

She attached five photos to the post, beginning with one of Yam jumping to grab a Minnie Mouse balloon while a young Ella looked on.

There were two photos of her and Yam visiting Beijing when she was a child. She was holding a small umbrella in front of the Forbidden City in one, and a Chinese flag near Tiananmen Square in the other.

There was also a photo of her with her father at a beach in more recent times. The last snapshot was of the birthday card she made for Yam. Several netizens noted that Ella is almost as tall as her father, while others said that Yam still looked good at his age.

Ella is the only child of Yam and his wife, supermodel Sophia Kao, better known as Qi Qi. The teenager is known for her good looks and slender frame after doing photo shoots for magazines such as Vogue Taiwan and Elle Hong Kong.

However, Yam told The Straits Times in late 2019 that he hopes she will not pursue acting as a career as it is too taxing.