One COVID-19 patient can infect 400 other people: Maha health official

With the second wave of the coronavirus affecting so many people in the country, people are again terrified of catching the virus. With more than one lakh cases in a day, the country surpasses last year’s data on the number of daily cases. All this makes the current situation grim and terrifying.

A person infected with COVID-19 can infect 400 other people, said the head of Maharashtra’s COVID-19 task force. He added thus, there is no alternative to wearing masks, maintaining proper hygiene and following social distancing if you do not want to spread the virus or catch it. The rule applies to everyone, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not.

Someone who is carrying the virus might not even be aware of the same and may keep spreading it, if they do not wear the mask and follow other safety guidelines.

While the vaccination drive is going on in full swing, everyone needs to take proper measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Even after getting vaccinated, one has to wear a mask and follow all the guidelines as the vaccination doesn’t promise 100 per cent protection against the virus. One might get infected even after getting the vaccination, but the infection will not be fatal in such cases. Thus, the vaccine might not save you from the virus but from the serious side effects, it may lead to.


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