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Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow at the ‘F9’ premiere



Paul Walker would be proud.

The late actor’s daughter, Meadow Walker, attended the premiere of the latest “Fast & Furious” franchise film, “F9” on Friday. Wearing a black Saint Laurent cut out gown, the 22-year-old model represented her father in style at the event.

Inside the theater, “F9” actress Jordana Brewster posted a photo of herself greeting Meadow with the caption, “Family ❤️ forever.” Meadow commented on the pic with, “Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Meadow spent some time on the set of “F9” along with Paul Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb, according to a recent interview with Ludacris.

“Always miss him,” Luda shared during the SiriusXM interview, “Carrying on his legacy and his daughter being on set and his brothers being on set constantly telling us, consulting and telling us what they feel, how he can be incorporated, his legacy can be incorporated.”

Meadow Walker at the "F9" movie premiere
Meadow spent time on the “F9” set during production.

Meadow was just 15 years old when her father was killed in a fiery car crash in November 2013. She has worked diligently alongside the “Fast & Furious” cast to keep his memory alive since.

Two years after his death, Meadow sued Porsche for wrongful death claiming that the vehicle her father was in at the time of the crash that killed him had a number of design defects. The case was settled in 2017, but terms of the settlement were kept confidential.

Over the years Meadow has shared a number of tributes to her late father, including personal never-before-seen footage, much to the delight of his fans.


Donald Trump Jr., World-Renowned Moron, Urges Vaccine Protests as Omicron Poses “Very High Risk”



If there’s one important lesson people should have learned over the last five years, it’s to never listen to a Trump ever again. Probably the best example of this lesson can be found in Donald Trump and company’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which, as a reminder, included lying to the public about how serious the virus was, putting the president’s son-in-law in charge of the government’s response, politicizing mask-wearing, and regularly holding super-spreader events. To listen to anything a Trump has to say about the disease at this point would be like listening to a proctologist’s advice after they were found to have performed a series of simple surgeries that left patients shitting out of their mouths. And yet, for some reason, people with the last name Trump still think they’re imminently qualified to make medical recommendations on the matter.

Speaking to Fox News on Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. took a break from taunting NBA players behind his computer screen to rage against vaccine mandates. Praising protests in Europe, the ex-president’s namesake said Americans should be fighting back against the one thing giving us a chance of ever ending the pandemic his father so royally botched. “You don’t hear about what’s going on as it relates to the riots in Europe on a daily basis now against the vaccine mandates, because our media wants to block that out,” Trump Jr. claimed falsely. (In fact, European protests have been extensively covered by, among others, The New York TimesABC News, and The Washington Post.) “They’re going to make sure that you never hear about it because they don’t want you getting these kind of ideas that freedom may actually still exist in some parts of the world. Europe is pushing back and America’s sitting there like sheep like, ‘Oh this is great we’ll just go along with’ what these guys who have gotten nothing right in the last two years tell us. It’s absolute insanity.”

Does Junior realize that two years ago his father was president? Sadly, the jury is out there. Where the jury isn’t out is on the matter of the effectiveness of vaccine mandates, which are very much working, both in the U.S. and in Europe, and on the effectiveness of the vaccines when it comes to preventing seriousness illness and death; as of September, unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than their fully vaccinated counterparts.

Don Jr.’s call for people to rise up against one of the most important tools we have to fight COVID-19 comes amid the threat of the new omicron variant, which the World Health Organization has labeled a variant “of concern” and said poses a “very high global risk.” In the last few days, the U.S., Britain, the European Union and other nations imposed travel restrictions on flights from southern Africa, but experts believe they may be too late. (On Sunday, Canadian officials announced that two cases of the variant had already been detected in Ontario.)

Saturday, of course, wasn’t the first time Don Jr. had something uniquely stupid to say about vaccine mandates. In August, he lashed out at the Biden administration for its vaccine push, writing, “Next they’re going to waterboard you till you get vaccinated.” His online store, the shopping destination of choice for assholes, is currently selling apparel that read, “Powered by Natural Immunity” and “My Science Is Better Than Yours.”

In the same Fox interview, Jr. criticized Biden for…not curing cancer. “He was also going to cure cancer, if I remember correctly, Dan,” Trump Jr. told Dan Bongino. “Remember that? Everyone was, ‘Oh, that’s great, we should definitely elect him.’ I haven’t seen much movement on that.”

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0.02% recovered Covid-19 patients reinfected in Mumbai, BMC data shows



One out of 5,885 — or 0.02% — recovered Covid-19 patients were reinfected in Mumbai, data analysed by the BMC has shown.

Of the 7.41 lakh Covid patients who were surveyed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) from the start of the pandemic till November 1, 126 patients were found to have been reinfected with Covid-19 after recovery.

In general, reinfection means a person was infected with novel coronavirus once, recovered, and later became infected again due to exposure to a different or similar strain of Covid-19.

“There is a rising fear among people of getting reinfected with variants of novel coronavirus. We are getting several requests from hospitals to allow booster shots for healthcare workers. But on the ground, data shows that such cases of reinfection are minimal,” said Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, BMC.

Mumbai recorded the most reinfection cases in the second wave due to higher infection rate of Delta variants. Data accessed by The Indian Express show that 82% of the reinfected patients didn]t have any comorbidities. Of the remaining 23 patients, 12 had diabetes and 11 had hypertension.

Out of the 24 wards in Mumbai, only four wards — A (Fort), E (Byculla) FS (Parel) and PS (Goregaon West) — recorded zero cases of reinfection. However, in K-West (Andheri West), 40 of the recovered patients recontracted Covid-19–the highest in Mumbai. This is followed by M-West (Chembur) with 15 reinfection cases. Then comes T (Mulund) ward where 14 patients contracted Covid-19 more than once.

The study-SARS-CoV-2 Immunity and Reinfection Evaluation (SIREN) — concluded that immune responses from past infection reduce the risk of catching the virus again by 83% for at least five months. But the researchers also found that people who become reinfected can carry high levels of the virus in their nose and throat, which increases the chances of transmitting the virus to others.

“Epidemiologically, we haven’t witnessed a significant difference in the reinfected population. But unvaccinated, single-dose vaccinated or immunocompromised patients suffered severe symptoms of reinfections,” said Dr Hemlata Arora, senior consultant, infectious diseases and internal medicine, Nanavati Hospital.

‘Underreporting a possibility’

Doctors highlighted that the reinfection figure may not provide the real picture as many reinfected patients remain asymptomatic and unreported.

“There is a paucity of broad testing and surveillance and hence we do not know the actual rate of reinfection, and this is all the more amplified as there may be an even bigger pool of asymptomatic undetected reinfections…,” Dr Sanjith Saseedharan, Consultant and Head Critical Care, SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim.

Healthcare workers on duty — due to higher exposure in environments where there are more cases of Covid-19 — are more prone to reinfection by the virus. Data shared by Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors show that 60 resident doctors were reinfected with Covid-19 in the last two months.

A series of Right to Information (RTI) filed by The Indian Express shows that civic-run medical colleges don’t have any data of reinfection among its students. In response to an RTI, King Edward Memorial (KEM) Parel — the biggest civic-run hospital — replied on October 21, “For re-infection genomic sampling testing needs to be done. As our hospital doesn’t have genomic testing and all samples of healthcare workers cannot be subjected to genomic sampling, hence this data cannot be provided.”

Sion Hospital in an RTI response on November 12 stated that they don’t maintain the data.

Dr Ramesh Bharmal, director of major civic-run hospitals, said that medical colleges have sent samples of medical students for genome sequencing to Kasturba Gandhi Hospital. “I don’t know why the college administrators responded like this, but we have the data,” he said.

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Is This the Biggest Plot Hole In the Revival?



Dexter: New Blood has finally aired and fans are loving the revival series. Dexter Morgan is back, this time living in the small town of Iron Lake, New York under the alias Jim Lindsay. After 10 long years, he reunites with his teenage son Harrison. Although fans have been thoroughly enjoying the revival so far, one issue from the series so far has stood out.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Dexter: New Blood Episodes 1-4]

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