Pavitra Punia gives a message to trolls abusing her on Twitter, watch video

In a new video shared on Instagram Reels, Pavitra Punia addressed abusive trolls on Twitter. Watch it here.

PUBLISHED ON APR 15, 2021 01:45 PM IST

Television actor and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia gave a message to trolls abusing her on Twitter. She shared a new Instagram Reels video, in which she addressed those writing nasty comments about her on Twitter.

“Nahi, matlab humare life mein ya kisi ke bhi life mein kya chal raha hai, kya nahi chal raha hai, kaun kis takleef se guzar raha hai, logon ko kya pareshaani ho sakti hai… Kuch fark hi nahi padta yaar. Aao, seedha gaaliyaan dena shuru kar do. Matlab seriously? Hum Twitter pe tumhari gaaliyaan sunne ke liye baithe hue hai (Trolls do not care about what is going on in our lives or if we are going through some kind of problem. They just come and abuse. Seriously? Are we on Twitter just to hear your abuses)? Is it so?” she asked in the clip.

A few months ago, Pavitra lashed out at those criticising her relationship with actor and Bigg Boss 14 co-contestant Eijaz Khan. She said that their love was pure and they did not need validation from ‘haters’.

“Dear trollers … kindly stop spreading HATE and this highly unacceptable comment on my and #eijazkhan relationship. We purely love each other and INDEED we do not need the approval of ‘Haters’ in best regards to OUR relationship. Blessed #us #pavijaz,” she tweeted in February.

Pavitra and Eijaz, lovingly called ‘Pavijaz’ by fans, fell in love during Bigg Boss 14. Although he was initially opposed to developing any romantic attachment on the show, he eventually developed feelings for her, and declared his love when she briefly re-entered the Bigg Boss house after her eviction.

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Pavitra and Eijaz often share mushy posts for each other. On Valentine’s Day, she shared pictures of them in colour-coordinated outfits and wrote, “F**k butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you. #pavijaz #elitepavitrians #pavitrians. P.S. – TROPHY to mere he paas hai mohabbat ki (I won the trophy of love).”


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