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Picard season two trailer has goodies for Trekkies

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Look, not everyone knows everything about Star Trek. Some of us have seen a couple of the movies, a handful of episodes of Next Generation, and get the gist of things. That said, the trailer for season two of Picard, Patrick Stewart’s return to the world of Star Trek, is for Trekkies and casual fans that remember most of Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you don’t fall into that camp, well, this will cause a lot of confusion.

The trailer opens with Picard in crisis, when it’s revealed that longtime foe Q (John de Lancie) is in his home. Q’s got some comforting words for the aging Enterprise captain: “Welcome, my friend, to the very end of the road not taken.” Judging by the confusion on the faces of the rest of the cast, Picard is jumping into some alternate reality-timeline flux thing.

One thing that even a casual Trek viewer will notice, though, is the appearance of Jeri Ryan, reprising her character Seven of Nine, a Borg (I’ve seen First Contact, so don’t @ me), who no longer has their little robot eyebrow. Is this “the road not taken”? No more robot eyebrows? It looks like you’ll have to watch Picard to find out.

Jeri Ryan and John de Lancie aren’t the only Star Trek alums slotted for this season. Brent Spiner’s Data is also supposedly making an appearance, which should continue to fuel theories about how an android can age (also, don’t complain if they explain this in the first season, not everyone has seen it!).

Picard season two comes to Paramount+ in 2022, and speaking as someone that’s never seen an episode of the show, it looks pretty good. Maybe it’s time to catch up on all that Star Trek stuff. Eh, too daunting.