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PS5 Users Get Their First Taste Of YouTube TV Today


If you enjoy consuming video content on your PS5 console (should you have one), then you can add YouTube TV to that list. As of today, the YouTube TV app appeared on the PS5.

If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber, then you simply have to download the app and sign in. If you’ve never subscribed before, then you’ll have to sign up. The good news is that if you’re a first-time subscriber, you still have the ability to utilize the 14-day free trial.

So you can check out the service on the PS5 for a couple of weeks before having to decide whether or not you want to keep it. If the answer is yes, then you end up paying the $64.99 a month that it costs to continually access YouTube’s vision for live TV.

PS5 users can check out YouTube TV for free

This isn’t specific to PS5 users, as anyone can check out YouTube TV for free as long as they’re a first-time subscriber. For those accessing the service for the first time via their new console, start by downloading the app.

From there, once you hit the start button, you’ll see a start free trial button appear on screen. Clicking that will bring up a code you will need to enter either from your mobile browser or the browser on your computer. First, open up a browser on one of those devices and go to tv.youtube.com/start.

You’ll end up entering the code that pops up on your PS5 there. After you enter the code you’ll need to finish singing up on your mobile or computer browser, so keep that page open. The rest of the process for signup is quick and easy and simply requires you to select which Google account you want this tied to. If you have more than one.

From there you just need to enter any payment details for the subscription after the trial is over. Once you do that, signup is done and your trial has started.

This is the 23rd media app available on the PS5

At this point, the PS5 now has 23 media apps available for streaming video content. YouTube TV is the latest, but it also joins more recently added apps like Peacock, Hulu, and Prime Video.

Whereas apps like YouTube, Crunchyroll, and Netflix were available on the console from day one of the launch in 2020. Sony will also surely add more in the future. But for the most part all the major video apps are now available.