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PUBG Addict Recreates Scene From The Game in Real Life, Kills 2 People & Injures 3 Family Members


Lahore: In a shocking incident, a man in Pakistan’s Lahore tried to imitate a scene from the famous battle-royale game PUBG and killed two people while injuring the other three in the process. According to ARY News, the incident took place in Lahore’s Nawan Kot neighbourhood. The man, who is said to be a PUBG addict, opened fire after fight with his family members over some domestic issue, and ended up killing his sister-in-law and a friend while leaving his mother, sister and brother injured. Also Read – Teenager Kills 12-year-old After Fight Over PUBG, Arrested

The incident caught on camera, showed the man identified as Bilal, open fire in a small lane. He was also seen wearing a jacket and helmet, similar to a PUBG character on the battlefield. After gunshots were heard, locals in the area alerted the police, leading to his arrest.

Notably, Bilal was also a drug addict who used to consume ice, a highly addictive stimulant drug. He often used to get angry whenever his family tried to stop him for consuming drugs.

Confirming the incident, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Umar Baloch said the accused was a PUBG addict, and his family members used to stop him from playing the game. “The accused recreated a PUBG scene. The accused had a brawl with his family the other day. Today, he brought a pistol from somewhere and opened fire,” Umar was quoted as saying by ARY News. An FIR has been registered and investigation initiated.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game created by a South Korean company and experts have claimed it adversely affects the behaviour of those addicted to it.

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