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PUBG Mobile Update: New Hypnospace Diva Set released


PUBG Mobile keeps on providing new in-game cosmetics and outfits for the characters. These are no less than designer outfits and are very popular among PUBG mobile players. Today, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new set of in-game outfits, which you can get from the store. Notably, this set is available for a limited time period. It will be gone soon. PUBG Mobile ‘HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET’ is one of the amazing sets, based on Hypno and glass.

PUBG Mobile never misses out on releasing new and attractive outfits for the gamers, as these gamers love buying new outfits for the characters. These outfits can be purchased from the in-game shop, by spending coins or Royal pass points, UC (In-game currency of PUBG mobile), etc. 

Also, you can purchase UC by using real money. To purchase HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET, you need to spend in-game currency: UC.

This is how you can purchase PUBG Mobile HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET

The new HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET is now available for purchase. The set is available in the event section, Matrix Event. Follow these steps if you also want to buy it. 

Step 1- Open Event section in PUBG and visit Matrix eventStep 2- Here you can get the set by spinning the wheel

You will have to spend 60UC on each spin. You will get the set by spending a few UC if you are lucky. If you are still not receiving it by spinning, you can get it from the event shop by spending the red square. The event will end on August 12, 2021.