Home News PUBG-Tencent break-up completed, will PUBG Mobile comeback to India ?

PUBG-Tencent break-up completed, will PUBG Mobile comeback to India ?

PUBG news-Tencent break-up completed, will PUBG Mobile comeback to India ?

PUBG mobile fans were looking forward for the PUBG India unban news from a long time but today PUBG mobile announced a heartbreaking news for the fans today that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite no longer work in India as of today. Simply put Servers, services, and operations from Tencent Games to shutdown, further you will not be able to play game even if you have the APK installed or using any VPN sever.

PUBG merges with Krafton

Even though after this big PUBG news, It seems like the end of the game, There may be light at the end of the tunnel for the game. It is actually a move to bring back the game in India. Just hours after the announcement on the servers shutdown PUBG Corporation announced its merger with its parent company Krafton on the 2nd of December, also that all the personal information of the players will be retained by them.

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Will PUBG mobile comeback in India?

Both the advancements could be pointing to the return of the game in the near future with an Indian publisher. This is an of affirmation on the complete break up between Tencent and PUBG Corporation. Moreover Krafton confirmed that it will be taking over player’s personal and in-game data from Tencent, which give us hope that players might even get their ID’s back, which they have spent thousands of rupees on.

The recent job posting on LinkedIn with the intent to set up PUBG India confirms that the game is making progress to comeback with a different publisher or an Indian one.

Heading in the right direction

Combining all aspects, that is, the server shut down forcing players to play different titles and the merger of Krafton and PUBGM, a move to bring back the game. It is a step in the right direction for the esports industry in India on a whole. Team organizations can now look at other games to monetize while they wait for the game return.

Top Indian PUBG Mobile players took this as a positive sign

Scout_PUBG, the PUBG Mobile India star posted a story on Instagram saying that he had the motivation needed to start with a stronger goal. Implying that the ban is taken positively by him.

TSM Entity’s coach Ghathak, another pro player who is taking things positively by saying “Jo hota hai ache ke lie hota hai”. He looked very positive and excited for the PUBG comeback in India

Everything is pointing towards PUBG Mobile making a comeback with an Indian publisher, the next big question is when will it happen and how long will it take for the esports in India to reach the pinnacle that it was once at.

Other Esports Organizations to effectively monetize other games now

Whether PUBG India unbans or not, the shutting down of the servers is a positive sign for a lot of players and organizations that are looking for what’s next in the Indian esports.

The game being accessible through APK and VPN meant both casual players as well as competitive scrims have continued to play the game and make money off it. This in turn has not caused much effect to the viewership of the game on Indian channels on youtube and NimoTV, for a gamer the game he plays is the game he is going to watch. So the game was monetizable.

This had majorly hampered the growth of esports in India. Because it made it harder for other games like COD Mobile or Free Fire to gain the viewership numbers. Monetizing these games has been harder because the ban has not been completely implemented.

The complete server shut down will now force players to move on from the game. Sponsors and team organizations have been waiting for an avenue and looking out in which game to invest in next. They were hoping for the game to be completely banned or get unbanned altogether, in view of the fact that the game is neither is severely harming the growth of the Indian esports.

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