Public Health Sudbury says it is on track for Phase 2 of vaccine rollout


Sudbury’s health unit, which has come under public criticism for not being matched-up with the provincial vaccine rollout plans, said today it is “on track” to move forward to provide COVID-19 vaccines to a whole new segment of the population as it prepares to move into Phase 2 of the provincial vaccine rollout plan. 

Phase 2 begins in April. 

Public Health Sudbury and Districts (PHSD) said it is nearing the end of Phase 1, which targeted vaccines for health-care workers, for adults aged 80 and older, for Indigenous adult populations and for seniors living in long-term care and retirement homes.

“In the early stages of Phase 2, for example, we will be offering vaccines to older adults between the ages of 75 to 79 as well as individuals who have certain health conditions and individuals who live in high-risk settings,” said a news release from the health unit. 

Another change on the way is a plan to connect the Sudbury District with Ontario’s provincewide vaccine booking system. This caused some confusion among Sudbury residents who believed that a provincial booking system would include the Nickel City and area.

That wasn’t the case. Irate telephone calls and angry emails soon followed from residents who were not able to book an appointment and then had to rebook through the local health unit.  PHSD said the details of the changeover will be communicated soon. 

COVID-19 daily cases in Sudbury since January 1, 2021

“In the coming days, we will also transition from our current local booking system to the provincial vaccine appointment system. Our local system allows us more flexibility, so we want to make sure the provincial tool meets our needs before we switch over,” said Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, the PHSD medical officer of health. 

“Clinics are scheduled for next week and the details to book appointments for those eligible will be communicated broadly in the coming days.”

PHSD also said that so far to date, the number of vaccine doses administered by Public Health Sudbury and Districts is aligned with the province. 

As of 4 p.m on Monday, PHSD had provided 21,388 first doses of vaccine and 1,822 second doses. The total number of vaccines was 23,210.

“As a proportion of the population, Public Health has immunized just over 12 per cent of its population. The comparable figure is 11.5 per cent for the province,” said the PHSD news release. 

More complete details on the PHSD vaccine program are available online.



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