Put off by ‘DJ music’, cleric refuses to solemnise nikah | Meerut News


MEERUT: Maulana Qari Sufiyan, in his 30s, was teaching children at a mosque in Kairana on Sunday evening when he heard the first thumping beats of music that kept getting louder. The music, it turned out, came from the processions of two weddings he was going to solemnise.
The sight of the two grooms, gyrating to loud music on the roofs of their cars, infuriated him. He would not conduct the nikaah, he told the families.
“I had sent word to them to stop their music. So, they put a break to their rowdy celebrations for a bit when it was time for the evening azaan. But then, they were at it again,” Sufiyan said.
“I saw DJ baj raha hai (‘DJ music’ was being played). I said, DJ bandh karwao (stop the music).”
The grooms were on their way from Jagatpur in Delhi to marry two sisters from Kairana. In a video that was circulating on Tuesday, people are seen milling around a car atop which one of the grooms is seen dancing with what seems like his group of friends. “They came to me for the nikaah. I refused. Main nikaah nahin padhaunga (I would not conduct the nikaah),” he said.
Dejected, embarrassed and in a tearing hurry to save face, the two sisters’ family managed to find another cleric who agreed to solemnise the weddings. They wrapped up the ceremonies quickly, and quietly, and left.
But the entire episode had divided the panchayat. Many village elders thought Maulana Sufiyan had gone too far. “They organised a panchayat on Monday evening to discuss what had happened,” Sufiyan said. But he was ready with his defence; Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam Maulana Tahir stood by him. “Gair shariyat (in defiance of religious law),” the act of playing “DJ music” was called.
“We have been asking our brothers not to play such loud music, but many families do not listen. I fully support Maulana Sufiyan’s decision,” said Shahi Imam Tahir, with an appeal and a warning. “I ask the people, once again, to not play DJ music at Muslim weddings. If this happens again, no cleric will conduct the nikaah.”


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