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Quentin Kenihan dies: Beloved SA entertainer passes away



RUSSELL Crowe has led an outpouring of grief and tributes for beloved entertainer and advocate Quentin Kenihan after his sudden death at age 43.

QUENTIN Kenihan’s childhood courage captured the hearts of a nation, which is now mourning the sudden loss of the respected disability advocate and beloved SA entertainer, actor and writer.

Actor Russell Crowe described Quentin, 43, as “the bravest bloke I ever met” and said he was devastated by the loss of his “little mate”.

Quentin, a passionate disability advocate, was also a nominee for the Adelaide City Council at the upcoming elections.

His mother Kerry Kenihan, an author, former journalist and disability advocate, is understood to be returning from an overseas holiday to be with Quentin’s four siblings.

Quentin was born with eight broken bones, alarming doctors who diagnosed him with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease.

A colourful life: Quentin Kenihan in photos

Doctors predicted he wouldn’t survive three months and over his lifetime he suffered almost 600 broken bones because of the condition.

But from the start of his career, he quickly endeared himself to the Australian public.

Quentin became a household name at age seven, when he appeared in a documentary with Mike Willesee.

The film crew and the veteran journalist followed Quentin on his journey in the US as he tried to learn to walk.

But Quentin was not enthralled with the film life.

“I wasn’t really into it at that point – I just wanted to be a seven-year-old kid,” Quentin said of his time with Willesee.

“Having a 42-year-old man ask you adult questions just isn’t something you want to do, but I did it and it became the highest-rating Australian-made documentary in Australian television history.”

Quentin shot to fame because of his unfailing humour and never-say-die attitude.

For many he personified the label “little Aussie battler”, overcoming all the obstacles his own body threw at him.

In his late teens and early twenties, Quentin battled drug and alcohol addiction.

He was paranoid, thought his family and friends were out to get him, and said that period of his life was punctuated by alcohol-fuelled blackouts.

His turning point was an appearance on Nine Network’s Midday Show which he later said he could not remember as he was “completely off his nut”. He subsequently checked into rehab, got a job answering phones at TAFE and retreated into a world of film.

His passion led him to study film and drama at Flinders University, landing an interview on Channel 10 program The Panel which would propel him back into the spotlight.

Then show business came calling and Quentin branched out, hosting his own celebrity interview show Quentin Crashes, performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and releasing an autobiography entitled Not All Superheroes Wear Capes.

He counted Crowe among his numerous friends, with the Hollywood star coming to Quentin’s aid in May this year to help him purchase an expensive oxygen concentrator.

Quentin’s big movie break came in 2015 when he appeared as Corpus Colossus in the blockbuster movie Mad Max: Fury Road. For Quentin, the movie was a turning point. “I’m not known as ‘that brave little boy’ anymore … people say ‘That’s that dude from the movie’,” he said. “I’m not just seen as a person in a wheelchair but as an actor, which is what I’ve always wanted.”

He became a disability advocate and was running for the Adelaide City Council on a platform of improved services for the disabled and community advocacy. He told The Advertiser he wanted to give back to the city where he has lived for 20 years.

Disability campaigner Kelly Vincent said she was reeling from the loss of her close friend.

“You were funny, kind, caring (underneath all that bravado) and ambitious,” she wrote on social media.

“Thank you for believing in me and helping me so much. We shared so many of the same passions and a beautiful mutual respect.

“I’m smiling right now imagining ‘Quentin crashes the Pearly Gates’ but wishing this whole thing was just my imagination.”


Who plays Hawkeye’s wife & daughter in new MCU series?



Jeremy Renner starrer Hawkeye is currently streaming n Disney+ Hotstar. The show became one of the most popular mini-series on the OTT giant Disney+ Hotstar ever since it was released on November 24. While fans are enjoying the first two episodes and waiting for more to arrive every Wednesday, they are also wondering about the show’s cast playing Hawkeye’s wife and daughter.

Hawkeye marked the fifth TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The show saw Jeremy Renner reprise his role as Clint Barton or Hawkeye while Hailee Steinfeld portrayed Kate Bishop. The show’s plot revolves around the alliance of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop to prevent themselves from becoming the target of some enemies. The show also cast Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne, Fra Fee as Kazimierz, Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop and more. Here are more details about the Hawkeye mini-series cast.

Who is the girl in Hawkeye?

The new series, which also marked MCU’s Christmas special show, saw Hawkeye trying to return home to celebrate the festival with his family. Talking about Hawkeye’s family, fans are wondering about the girl playing Barton’s daughter Lila in the new show. Ava Russo is playing the role of Lila Barton in Hawkeye. Ava earlier appeared in Avenger’s Endgame in the scene where Clint was teaching her archery. 

Ava Russo is filmmaker Joe Russo’s 20-year old daughter. She lives in the US and is of Italian descent. Ava is a successful model and had her first acting stint in Avengers Endgame. Ava has often walked the red carpet for MCU film’s premieres with her filmmaker father and uncle. Joe Russo has directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. 

Who plays Hawkeye’s wife?

Linda Cardellini reprised her role as Laura Branton, Hawkeye’s wife, for the new TV series Hawkeye. Linda first appeared in Avengers: Age Of Ultron when Clint took the Avengers to his safe house. Linda then reprised her role as Laura in Avengers Endgame. 

Hawkeye was one of the most awaited shows of the MCU. The show arrived on Disney+ Hotstar on November 24. The makers released its two episodes on the first day. The six-episode series will come to an end on December 22, 2021.

Image: Instagram/@jeremyrenner/Twitter/@rahalarts

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Specs, price, release date and more



There’s no way around it; graphics cards are in (absurdly) hot demand nowadays. Many hopeful consumers struggle to get their hands on Nvidia’s current generation graphics cards, the RTX 30-Series. Despite this, preparations for Nvidia’s next-generation 4000-series GPUs are reportedly well underway.

Despite the combination of heightened GPU demand, the global pandemic, and worldwide chip shortages, it’s still full steam ahead for the GPU giant and their next series of cards.

Nvidia’s next generation of cards, codenamed Lovelace (after the famous English mathematician) are rumored to be released in the fall of 2022. As with the RTX 20 and 30 series, it’s expected that the flagship gaming GPUs — the 4090, 4080 and 4070 — will launch first.

Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series GPUs: Specifications, release date

The Ada Lovelace lineup is expected to be twice as fast as the current RTX 30 series cards, courtesy of TSMC’s more efficient 5-nanometer node process, according to leaker Kopite7kimi.

The two-fold increase in performance will come at a cost, though. The newer GPUs could potentially demand twice as much power as existing GPUs. Reports also suggest that the flagship of the 40-Series, the RTX 4090, will be based on the AD102 GPU.

The AD102 GPU could have as many as 18432 CUDA cores, a huge jump from the RTX’s 3090’s 10496, according to preliminary specs provided by leaker Kopite7kimi. So, an upgraded power supply might be in order.

The RTX 4000 series GPUs are rumored to hit mass production in mid-2022. Assuming there’s enough time to build up enough inventory, a retail launch around October or November 2022 is likely. However, most recent rumors pit the big release day as early as Q3 2022, which would fall in line with the launch timing for the RTX 30 series cards that launched in September 2020.

Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series: Expected price

Given the current demand for graphics cards, it’s a safe bet that obtaining a 4000-series GPU will require deep pockets. On the flip side, Intel’s entry into discrete GPUs could make overall prices more competitive for consumers.

As things stand, all we have are predictions on what the prices might be until Nvidia makes an official announcement on the series. Leaker Graphically Challenged paints a bleak picture for consumers, predicting MSRP prices at the high-end of the series’ lineup peaking at almost USD 3,000.

Unfortunately, for most consumers out there, obtaining a 40-Series card in 2022 might seem more like a pipe dream at this point, given the overall craze in GPU demand that’s having a negative effect on pricing and shortages. Luckily, Nvidia’s hoping to give customers some good news to close out 2021 with the release of a refreshed RTX 2060 GPU.

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Pimpri-Chinchwad industries want doorstep Covid-19 vaccination for factory workers



Small and medium scale industries in Pimpri-Chinchwad have demanded Covid-19 vaccination drives within their premises to ensure all of their workers are fully vaccinated. Abhay Bhor, president of the Forum of Small Scale Industries, said around 50 per cent of the employees are yet to get their second dose.

The emergence of the Omicron variant of coronavirus has brought the focus back on vaccination. Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad have seen good vaccination coverage but the percentage of people who are fully vaccinated is not that high. Bhor said most industrial workers are in the age group of 18-45 years and had got their first dose late. “Most of the 12-14 lakh workers in the various small and medium scale industries have got their first dose and around 50 per cent of them are yet to get their second dose,” he said.

Over the last week, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has started a special door-to-door vaccination drive. “Our Forum wants such a drive to be done at the industrial area. We have been asking for a special vaccination centre only for the industrial workers since the start of the drive but that did not happen,” he said.

Bhor pointed out the advantage of an exclusive drive for the industrial worker would vaccinate the most mobile population of the area. Given the slack in infection rates and easy availability of vaccines, the centres have not seen much of a rush. But the vaccination slots are available only during the working hours of the industrial units. “Instead, if the vaccination comes near to them it would be of immense help to the workers,” he said.

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