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Rebel Wilson’s Fans Are Sending Her Love After Seeing Her New Emotional Instagram


Actress and comedian Rebel Wilson definitely has a way with words. 

The 41-year-old Australian star recently shared a thoughtful message with her Instagram followers about staying motivated during challenging times. Sharing a photo of herself on the social media platform, Rebel wrote:  

Hey babe, you got this x I know it’s hard right now, I know you’re trying to deal with stuff – but let’s keep getting up every day and CRUSH IT – work out, hydrate, fuel your body with quality food …show your brilliant brain and your big heart. Remember the vision. Love you ?

It’s unclear what Rebel was specifically referring to or if the message was directed at herself or fans. But regardless, her fans made sure to check in on her with supportive and encouraging thoughts. “You got this sis ❤️❤️,” one person wrote to which Rebel replied “??.” A different fan commented, “Queen ??” and Rebel responded, “??.”

Others also flooded the Instagram comments section with positive and uplifting messages, reassuring the beloved actress that she isn’t alone. “Rebel, you SO got this. You’re a strong, beautiful, compassionate, determined woman! ?❤️? sending you a giant hug!!” a person said. “You got this babe ?❤️,” another added. “You are such an inspiration for a lot of girls, Rebel! ❤️??,” a follower posted.

Since beginning her “Year of Health” in early 2020, Rebel has taken her fans along on her health journey, which has included staying at the wellness center VivaMayr in Austria, exercising and adopting the Mayr Method diet.

Apart from that, Rebel has been busy documenting her summer activities on Instagram. By the look of things, she’s had a packed schedule visiting London, enjoying the sunshine in West Palm Beach, Florida and filming the upcoming movie Senior Year

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