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Reiki Healing Scenes In Movies And TV Shows



Do you know about Reiki The healing technique? Are you looking for scenes of Reiki in movies and tv shows? You can learn a lot from such reiki scenes. Some popular movies also contain amazing reiki healing methods. All you need to do some search for them on the internet.

I know, it sounds tedious! Search reiki scene on the internet and without movie name. It’s a daunting task, but now you don’t have to search for it anymore. We have listed some names which shows Reiki in movies and tv shows and have Reiki scenes in them.

All you need is to read this article to find out more details about Reiki. So, be prepared to know about this healing technique in movies and TV series. But before we move to the Reiki healing scenes, let’s find little about what Reiki is.

What Is Reiki?

The Japanese word ‘Rei’ means universal life force, and ‘Ki’ means life energy. So, Reiki is the practice of healing and self-relaxing. Reiki is alternative medicine and also called Energy Healing. It began in Japan in the late 1800s and transferred universal energy power from a trainer’s hands to their patient.

Energy healing has been used in multiple forms for centuries. Many people say it works with areas of energy around the body. Reiki has been around for a millennium. Its current form was first developed in 1922 by the Japanese Buddhist Mikawa Usui, who taught the Reiki technique to 2,000 people during his lifetime.

The system spread to the US in the 1940s and Europe in the 1980s. It is commonly known as palm healing or manual healing. Some controversies surround Reiki because it is difficult to prove its effectiveness through scientific means. However, many Reiki recipients say it works, and its popularity is growing. A Google search for the term currently yields no less than 68,900,000 results.

A 2007 survey found that 1.2 million adults in the United States (US) tried Reiki or similar treatment once a year. About 60 hospitals provide Reiki services to patients. Although there are doubts in some of the circles, it is growing in popularity. It transfers energy by hand. Conditional Reiki’s Practitioners say it can treat several conditions and emotional states.

10 Different Reiki Healing Scenes In Movies And TV Shows

There are numerous variants of Reiki. And many of them are illustrated in the movies and TV series. So, this is the list of movies and TV series with Reiki. Have a look.

The Karate Kid (1984)

We can’t forget the fantastic healing scene from the Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki Morita) uses Reiki to heal Daniel’s wound. Well, he doesn’t have any magic power. Reiki is not magic. Miyagi was co-protagonist in all four Karate Kid movies from 1984 to 1994’s The Next Karate Kid. In the last film, he was a master of Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank).

But his most famously Sensei was his best friend, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). He was in the first three Karate kid movies. Miyagi’s healing touch is not magic. The real thing is that the Japanese Karate Master used Reiki to ease Daniel’s pain temporarily, and then his leg feels better.

Reiki is an ancient healing therapy which was originated in Japan. This healing practice was developed by the warriors who have to heal their Comrades on the battlefield. And it is based on ancestors’ practices, who came from Chiba Clan and Hatamoto Samurai.

Reiki is a form of energy healing, and it harnesses the energy from a person’s Qi or Chi, which is called Lifeforce. This practice is famous in the Eastern Martial Arts.

In the movie scene, Mr. Miyagi rubs his hands and touch Daniel to heal his injured leg muscle with his Chi. It helped him to walk and fight in the tournament. The same healing scene was also in the new Karate Kid movie where Jackie Chen and Jaden were actors in place of Mr. Miyagi and his discipline Danial.


Resurrection is an awesome movie, and it is nominated for two Academy Awards. One is for the Best Actress in the leading role, and the other is for the best actress in the supporting role. This movie was released in 1980, and it is available on the DVDs.

Edna McCauley (Ellen Burstyn) lost her husband in a car accident, and she became paralyzed. Her life was not easy after that accident. Then she returned to her small hometown in Kansas to live. When she recovered from this accident, she witnessed some magical side effects and got some power to perform Reiki on other people.

Although she is not believed in religion, she got some miraculous powers to heal people. Maybe it’s because she witnessed a near-death experience. Edna started to heal other sick people from her town; she healed an ill and dying farmer and many other people. Then she falls in love with Cal, who is a local farmer. When Edna healed Cal, they fall for each other.

After their lovely relation, Edna experienced a surge in her power, and she healed herself. She can heal physical and psychological wounds. She emits energy from her hands, and people got healed. Cal believes that her powers are from God, but Edna refused to believe so. And they fight a lot on this topic, and he became violent in the climax.

Lady Bloodfight

Jane Jones was a tough but troubled American girl who went to Hong Kong to find her father. Before this, she was born and brought up in America, and suddenly her father disappeared one day. And some evidence convinced her that her father is in Hong Kong. When she came to Hong Kong, she was beaten by three thugs on the street, and she unleashes fury like a fighter.

She became a powerful street fighter. Then she met Shu (Muriel Hofmann). Shu was a wise and expert in Reiki and martial art. Jane initially refused to train with her because she became over pride. Then Shu revealed her power for Reiki healing by showing it on a bird.

This scene is amazing. Shu provokes her inner strengths and heals the broken wing of a small bird. She got impressive power from Reiki. Then Jane became her student. Shu taught her martial arts for one popular street fight. But during this fight, Jane hurt badly.

Shu healed her broken ankle with Reiki. And this enriches Jane with motivation and driven force. Jane understood that Reiki could heal physically as well as emotionally. And then she won that fight and became a trainee of the art of Shaolin.

The Craft (1996)

The Craft is an entertaining movie with a teen supernatural thriller. Robin Tunney plays Sarah’s character. Robin was new at the Catholic School in LA, where she met a new group of girls. Their names are Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, and Rachel True. These three girls believe in witchcraft and Reiki.

Sarah joined this group, and they discover that they have genuine power and start resolving their problem with Reiki’s power. However, their group leader, Nacy (Balk), took this use to the next level. She has done something horrible with her power. However, her friends did well with this power.

In one scene, Robin was injured, and Neve healed her with Reiki. It is one of the best scenes of Reiki in movies and tv shows. You will see various Reiki symbols in this movie, like Cho Ku Rei (Power symbol), Sei He Ki (Mental/Emotional Symbol), and many more. These symbols represent the particular power spirit.

Neve also knows about Distance Reiki. In this type of Reiki, the healer performs Reiki for other people from another location. If you have excellent knowledge about Reiki, then and only you can be a master of Distance reiki.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

There’s no bad time for watching Pokémon. In 2019, Pokémon’s movie version came. It broke all the previous Pokémon record. It is considered the best Pokémon movie. Well, it has to be the best, because Ryan Reynolds did the voice for Pikachu. It was hilarious and unique.

You may think, how this movie connected to Reiki? Well, the power of Mewtwo is drawn from the universe. And that is a kind of Reiki. Harry Goodman was a detective in Ryme city. In this city, people and Pokémon live together. Harry’s 21 years old son Tim wants to find his father, and then he found Pikachu, but Pikachu has lost his memory.

In one fight, another Pokémon threw a bomb on Pikachu, and he got wounded. Then Bulbasaur came, and he drags Tim and Pikachu to Mewtwo. It is the strongest Pokémon. He gets his power from the universe. He heals Pikachu and tells the real truth to both of them.

The healing process can be slow in Reiki’s real-world, but there are no limits to its application. From mental stress, depression to physical injuries, all of these can be treated with Reiki. All you need to do is learn how to self-heal, absorb the energy from the universe, and use it for a purpose.


Push is a Sci-fi thriller movie. In this movie, there is a government agency called “The Division” that makes superhuman. This agency wanted to make ultimate weapons from a human.

They perform some operations to evolve them into a superhuman and transform them into power-like move objects with the mind, see the near future before it happens, dispense of their enemies with touching them, create new realities, and many more other powers.

Nick Gant (Chris Evans) was a mover whose father has extraordinary power, and genetically he got the same. His father denied working for the Division. So, he went to Hong Kong, a dense city, with his song Nick. When Nick grows up, he encountered Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning).

Her mother was in grave danger, and Nick started to support Cassie in finding her mother. In one fight, Nick was poorly wounded. Then Teresa (Maggie Siff) came to rescue him. She performed Reiki on him. The Power symbol of Reiki also appeared on the screen.

This energy therapy is an alternative method. It doesn’t have any proven scientific data, but it gives results. This healing practice can heal people like Nick. This method is essential to learn. This therapy is imperative in reducing pain, and some claim that it can also cure some mental diseases.

Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker

Inside Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Ray (Daisy Ridley) uses her power in Star Wars Canon for the wounded. This power is called Force Healing. In this power, the Jedi transfer some of their life energy into the body of the wounded. In this movie, such kind of Reiki Practice was used by Rey to heal both a sandworm on the Pasadena Planet and Kylo Rem after the war on Kef Bir.

Kaylo Ren used this healing power to bring back the life of Rey after the battle of Exegol. Force Power was highly controversial during the rise of Skywalker because it exhibited inequalities in previous Star Wars adaptations.

The Jedi, a newcomer to the Jedi Knight, can heal when he was unaware of this power, and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) seeks this precise knowledge to save his wife, Padme.

Dies During Childbirth in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of Revenge, with the emergence of the Skywalker novelization, Ray discovered that the Force equates itself with the study of ancient Jedi texts, and over time it lost consciousness.

Unlike Ray, Kylo Ren had not previously researched Force medicine, but Ren could be cured even after Emperor Palpatine’s assassination (Ian McDiarmid). Although this is never directly addressed in The Rise of Skywalker, the secret behind Kylo Ren’s newly acquired skill may be due to the dyadic force bond between him and Rey.

This healing force is almost the same as Reiki, where the healer drew power from the life force to heal others. Reiki is a real art that can be learned by all of us. You can also join a reiki course for this.

Ninja Assassin (2008)

Lord Ozunu runs the ruthless Ozunu Clan. They train orphans across the world and made the ultimate ninja assassins. Raizo is one of the orphans who turned into a trained assassin. Ozunu’s training was fierce. And Raizo’s training was exceptionally tough because he meant to become the successor of the clan.

He experienced love and kindness only once in his life with a young Kunoichi named Kiriko. But as time flies, she knew about who Raizo is, and then she abandons him. After some years, Adult Raizo was sent to his first assassination mission. After his mission. Raizo has to go on top of a skyscraper in Berlin.

Here, he found that one of his friends is a traitor, but his ninja brothers fought against him. He was poorly wounded and fell in a river. When he draws in the river, he started to heal himself. He connects with his life force and uses his own hands to heal the wound.

This scene was incredibly awesome. Raizo has numerous sword wounds on his body. As he draws power from Chi, his wounds heal, and he feels mentally motivated. You can also learn more about Reiki from This movie is one of the best Movies about Reiki.

X-Men (2000)

We all know about Wolverine and his absolute power of healing. He is one of the most valuable mutants in the Marvel universe. His ability to heal any injury is exceptional. And this makes him invulnerable in the fight, just like immortal.

When he falls in love with Rogue in the X-man movie, Rogue is poorly wounded in one fight, and she died. At that time, Wolverine uses his healing power to heal Rogue. It is the first time in the X-man world that Wolverine uses his healing power on someone else.

His healing power transfer resonates with the Reiki. As the reiki practitioner uses his life form to treat the patients, Wolverine used his Chi to heal Rogue.

Studies show that small amounts of Reiki can reduce pain, but no study has shown that it effectively treats any disease. Some hospitals in the US and Europe offer Reiki, but insurance rarely covers it. Trainers suggest that energy is stable in a body that has suffered physical injuries or mental anguish. Over time, these energy blocks cause disease.


Supernatural is an American horror, fantasy TV series. There are two main characters in the series Sam and Dean. In one fight, Dean got wounded, and one angel Castiel heal him, which the power of the universe. This angel draws power from the universe and heals Dean. It is a great scene. Reiki can heal him internally as well as externally.

Sometimes, we often feel blue and exhausted. In such a case, self-healing by Reiki becomes handy. Energy therapy aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks such as acupuncture or acupressure. By improving the flow of energy around the body, you can relax, reduce pain, achieve faster healing, and reduce other disease symptoms.


Reiki is an excellent alternative method for healing, and it works effectively if you know how to do it correctly. There are various courses also available on the internet. And you can again go to the institution to learn about Reiki.

These are all about Reiki in movies and tv shows that involve Reiki healing scenes. I hope this article inspires you to learn about Reiki. Please comment below if you would like another article about Reiki. And share your questions and doubts in the comment box.

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Severe Covid infection doubles chances of dying in following year – study | Coronavirus



Patients who survive severe Covid are more than twice as likely to die over the following year than those who remain uninfected or experience milder virus symptoms, a study says.

The research, published in Frontiers in Medicine, suggests that serious coronavirus infections may significantly damage long-term health, showing the importance of vaccination.

The increased risk of dying was greater for patients under 65, and only 20% of the severe Covid-19 patients who died did so because of typical Covid complications, such as respiratory failure.

“We conducted a previous study that showed that patients with severe Covid-19 who recovered were at significantly greater risk of being hospitalised in the subsequent six months,” said ProfArch Mainous of the University of Florida, the lead author of the study. “This new study extended that to investigate mortality risk over the next 12 months.”

The researchers tracked the electronic health records of 13,638 patients who underwent a PCR test for Covid within the University of Florida health system, with 178 patients experiencing severe virus symptoms, 246 mild or moderate Covid-19 and the rest testing negative. All patients included in the study recovered from the disease, and the researchers tracked their outcomes.

The study found that patients who were very unwell with coronavirus had a significantly greater chance of dying over the next year, a trend that was particularly notable among those aged under 65. As these deaths frequently occurred long after the initial infection had passed, they may never have been linked to Covid-19 by the patients’ families or doctors, the study found.

Most of the deaths that occurred in severe Covid-19 survivors were not linked with common complications from the disease – 80% of such deaths occurred for a wide variety of reasons that are not typically associated with the virus.

This suggests that the patients had experienced an overall decline in their health that left them vulnerable. “Since we now know that there is a substantial risk of dying from what would likely be considered to be an unrecognised complication of Covid-19, we need to be even more vigilant in decreasing severe episodes of Covid-19,” said Mainous.

“Taking your chances and hoping for successful treatment in the hospital doesn’t convey the full picture of the impact of Covid-19. Our recommendation at this point is to use preventive measures, such as vaccination, to prevent severe episodes of Covid-19.”

Covid-19 can cause severe symptoms and death for vulnerable people, particularly those with underlying health conditions. Some people also experience long Covid, signs and symptoms that last for a few weeks or months after infection. Symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath can linger for months after the infection has passed.

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Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Are Losing in Court



President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the coronavirus response and vaccinations during a speech at the White House, August 23, 2021. (Leah Millis/Reuters)

Joe Biden’s effort to use the federal government to mandate the COVID vaccine is not faring very well in the courts. In early November, the Fifth Circuit halted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s vaccine mandate almost as soon as it was announced. After hearing briefing and argument, it extended the stay. Now, we have a battery of additional decisions from the federal district courts.

Today, a federal judge in the Eastern District of Kentucky, Gregory van Tatenhove (a George W. Bush appointee), issued an injunction blocking the vaccine mandate for employees of federal-government contractors and subcontractors. The injunction applies throughout three states (Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee), the state governments of which were plaintiffs in the case. The court, citing the Fifth Circuit’s opinion in the OSHA case, was unconvinced that the Biden administration had the authority to do this:

While the statute grants to the president great discretion, it strains credulity that Congress intended…a procurement statute to be the basis for promulgating a public health measure such as mandatory vaccination. If a vaccination mandate has a close enough nexus to economy and efficiency in federal procurement, then the statute could be used to enact virtually any measure at the president’s whim under the guise of economy and efficiency…Although Congress used its power to delegate procurement authority to the president to promote economy and efficiency federal contracting, this power has its limits…If OSHA promulgating a vaccine mandate runs afoul of the nondelegation doctrine, the Court has serious concerns about the FPASA, which is a procurement statute, being used to promulgate a vaccine mandate for all federal contractors and subcontractors. [Bold added.]

Yesterday and today, federal judges in Louisiana and Missouri entered injunctions against vaccine mandates for the staff of 21 types of Medicare and Medicaid health-care providers, enacted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and planned to go into effect next Monday. Monday’s ruling was by Judge Matthew Schlep of the Eastern District of Missouri (a Trump appointee), and applies to ten states (Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming), all of which were plaintiffs in the case. Judge Schlep, too, cited the lack of statutory authorization:

While the Court agrees Congress has authorized the Secretary of Health and Human Services…general authority to enact regulations for the “administration” of Medicare and Medicaid and the “health and safety” of recipients, the nature and breadth of the CMS mandate requires clear authorization from Congress—and Congress has provided none…Courts have long required Congress to speak clearly when providing agency authorization if it (1) intends for an agency to exercise powers of vast economic and political significance; (2) if the authority would significantly alter the balance between federal and state power; or (3) if an administrative interpretation of a statute invokes the outer limits of Congress’ power. Any one of those fundamental principles would require clear congressional authorization for this mandate, but here, all three are present… [E]ven if Congress has the power to mandate the vaccine and the authority to delegate such a mandate to CMS—topics on which the Court does not opine today—the lack of congressional intent for this monumental policy decision speaks volumes. [Bold added.]

He also noted the long delay in issuing a mandate, which — as in the case of OSHA’s mandate — undercuts the Biden administration’s claim of urgency and its basis for acting in high-handed fashion without full consideration of comments from affected parties:

[T]wo vaccines were authorized under Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) more than ten months before the CMS mandate took effect, and one vaccine was fully licensed by the FDA well over two months before…[S]ince the onset of COVID, CMS has issued five…mandates, such as the one here; the most recent on May 13, 2021…One could query how an “emergency” could prompt such a slow response; such delay hardly suggests a situation so dire that CMS may dispense with notice and comment requirements…and the important purposes they serve.

The COVID pandemic is an event beyond CMS’s control, yet it was completely within its control to act earlier than it did…CMS looked only at evidence from interested parties in favor of the mandate, while completely ignoring evidence from interested parties in opposition…In fact, CMS foreclosed these parties’ ability to provide information regarding the mandate’s effects on the healthcare industry, while simultaneously dismissing those concerns based on “insufficient evidence.”…But facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored, and stating that a factor was considered is not a substitute for considering it. [Bold added; quotations and citations omitted.]

He further observed that “the failure to take and respond to comments feeds into the very vaccine hesitancy CMS acknowledges is so daunting” and found it irrational that “CMS rejected mandate alternatives in those with natural immunity by a previous coronavirus infection.” Should judges be flyspecking the reasoning of administrative agencies? Maybe if they stuck to ordering things they clearly had the power to order, that would be a fairer question.

Finally, today, Judge Terry Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana (a Trump appointee) enjoined the CMS mandate in the other 40 states. The nationwide scope of his injunction is more debatable, although fourteen states (Louisiana, Montana, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio) were before the court as plaintiffs, and the ruling is clearly properly tailored to the parties to the case. Judge Doughty is in the Fifth Circuit, so he felt himself bound by the similarity of the CMS mandate to the OSHA mandate. He was similarly critical of the process:

It took CMS longer to prepare the interim final rule without notice than it would have taken to comply with the notice and comment requirement. Notice and comment would have allowed others to comment upon the need for such drastic action before its implementation.

He was also unpersuaded that CMS had the authority to issue such far-reaching rules without anything resembling a specific authorization from Congress:

None of these statutes give the Government Defendants the “superpowers” they claim. Not only do the statutes not specify such superpowers, but principles of separation of powers weigh heavily against such powerful authority being transferred to a government agency by general authority…if the Government Defendants have the power and authority they claim (to mandate vaccines for 10.3 million workers), these government agencies would have almost “unfiltered power” over any healthcare provider, supplier, and employees that are covered by the CMS Mandate. If CMS has the authority by a general authorization statute to mandate vaccines, they have authority to do almost anything they believe necessary, holding the hammer of termination of the Medicare/Medicaid Provider Agreement over healthcare facilities and suppliers. [Bold added.]

We have a government of enumerated powers. Congress is supposed to make laws that are to be executed in enumerated ways. Assuming that it has such an extraordinary power as mandating that Americans take a vaccine, it should either pass a law to exercise that power, or at least pass a law that unambiguously delegates to the executive branch the decision when to exercise it. What we have seen instead is the Biden administration scouring the books for any law – no matter how general or how unrelated to the topic – that seems vague enough to cover the situation. We will see in the end how the Supreme Court resolves these issues, as it inevitably will. But we still have only one legislative branch, and it is not run by the president.

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November saw fewer Covid deaths in Pimpri-Chinchwad, zero fatalities on eight days



Even as two passengers from Pimpri-Chinchwad who returned from high-risk countries have tested positive for Covid, the month of November brought some relief to the industrial city as it witnessed fewer deaths due to infectious disease compared to the last few months.

According to PCMC health officials, 22 citizens succumbed to Covid-19 in November, the lowest figure in the last four months. In August, 54 died while in September, the figure was 39. In October, the deaths doubled as 83 lost their lives.

According to health officials, in the month of November, on at least 8 days, Pimpri-Chinchwad did not register a single death. “Otherwise, mostly the city registered a solitary death on most days,” officials said.

The first Covid death was registered last year on April 11. To date, there have been 4,511 related deaths in the industrial city.

The health officials said the Covid positivity rate has also gone down considerably in the month of November. “The COVID positivity rate is now below one per cent,” said Dr Laxman Gofane, medical officer. The current positivity rate is 0.78 per cent and the overall positivity rate is 12.67 per cent.

Officials said vaccination has also picked momentum with 25 lakh citizens so far receiving either first or both vaccine doses. Every day 10-15,000 citizens are receiving their vaccine doses at 200 civic and private vaccination centres.

Besides, in November, more patients recovered than the number of those admitted.

Municipal Commissioner Rajesh Patil said, “Since last one month, Covid deaths and positivity rate have come down. However, citizens should continue to observe Covid appropriate behaviour. Wearing mask, maintaining social distancing and washing hands regularly is essential to keep COVID at bay.”

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