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Following is a summary of current odd news briefs. A gift of chocolate from Queen Victoria, intact after 121 years

A 121-year-old chocolate bar, from a batch commissioned by Queen Victoria for British troops fighting in South Africa, has been found in its original tin in the attic of an English manor. The chocolate belonged to an English aristocrat who fought in the Second Boer War, Sir Henry Edward Paston-Bedingfield, and was found in his helmet case at his family’s ancestral home, 500-year-old Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk, eastern England. Internet’s ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ accidentally used by Swedish COVID-19 vaccine website

A health authority in Sweden unwittingly used ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ – one of the internet’s most-recognised figures – as the face of its COVID-19 vaccination booking website, officials said on Tuesday evening, adding the image had now been removed. Harold is actually Hungarian man Andras Arato, who in 2008 and 2009 posed as a model for stock photographs. Those images of a grey-bearded man wearing a smile but with sad, pained eyes became an internet meme dubbed “Hide the Pain Harold” as they were shared and reused with new, humorous captions by millions online. Power drinkers – Aussie brewer offers beer for excess solar energy

How about a cool beer in exchange for your excess solar power? That’s the offer from Asahi Group’s Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) in Australia, serving up Victorian Bitter to households who have rooftop solar power to spare, in what the companies involved believe to be a world first. Be at peace, meditate, Trump Buddha statue designer tells former president

Chinese furniture maker Hong Jinshi first created a couple of pint-sized statues of former U.S. President Donald Trump meditating in a Buddhist pose as a fun project for himself last year. Six months on, Hong’s amusing hobby has turned into a small side-hustle, with a workshop in the town of Dehua in Fujian province on track to produce an inaugural batch of 250 statues of Trump dressed in Buddhist robes with his legs crossed. Police disperse thousands at Belgian April Fool party

Police used teargas and water cannons on Thursday to disperse thousands of young people gathered in a Brussels park for a party in defiance of Belgium’s COVID-19 lockdown, an event that began as an April Fool’s joke on Facebook. Around 2,000 people showed up towards the end of a warm and sunny day to attend “La Boum” (the party) in the Bois de la Cambre park, local police said, even though the organisers had revealed days earlier that their invitation on social media was a hoax. Local media put the number of people at about 5,000. ‘Angriest octopus’ lashes out at man on Australia beach

A swim on holiday at a Western Australia beach has resulted in a painful octopus “whipping” – and a video of the encounter that has gone viral. Geologist and author Lance Karlson was about to take a dip near the resort he and his family were staying at in Geographe Bay, on Australia’s southwest coast, when he spotted what he thought was the tail of a stingray emerging from the water and striking a seagull. New York City woman’s banana bread is a hit

Allie Chernick, the 27-year-old photo editor-turned-baker behind Allie’s Banana Bread, makes 500 banana bread loaves a week – and sells out within minutes. “At the most 2 minutes, but usually, less than a minute,” she said from her commercial kitchen in downtown Manhattan. “It’s pretty crazy.”

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