Reviews of ‘The Fallout,’ ‘Recovery,’ more festival movies

A scene from the documentary "Introducing Selma Blair."

What starts at South by Southwest changes the cinematic world. The annual film fest was all-virtual this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. What was good and what was meh? Here’s a lightning round of reviews from SXSW 2021, which ran March 16-20. Keep an eye out for these flicks in theaters and on demand in the months to come.

Rickey Wilson Jr. and Shannon DeVido in "Best Summer Ever."

‘Best Summer Ever’

Days later, I’m still busting out the earworm “Best Summer Ever,” one of eight original songs on the soundtrack of this charming musical.

Our story opens at the end of a kids’ dance camp, where we meet Sage and Tony, who have fallen in love and now are heading back to their non-summer lives in different cities. He’s the star quarterback trying to break a 25-year curse who secretly loves to dance, and she’s the homeschooled daughter of two moms who sell cannabis —  illegally — and so move their operation after every growing season to stay ahead of the law. Of course, Sage and her moms end up in Tony’s town.


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