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Revoke termination orders of employees of Housing, Health, PHE Deptts: Harsh



JAMMU: Strongly condemning the J&K govt for indiscriminate wholesale terminators of govt servants during corona pandemic, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister has invited the attention of the Lt. Governor towards the pathetic plight of the ousted employees rendered Jobless by the insensitive approach of concerned authorities in various Govt Deptts of the UT. He revealed that seven technical experts including 5 females employees engaged in CLTCs under PMAY-HFA scheme of Housing and Urban Development and working since 2017 had been arbitrarily disengaged by virtue of an order issued by the govt on 30th April, the last day of secretariat functioning in Jammu.
He said that no prior notice was served upon the said employees and no reasons were assigned for dis-engaging the said employees who had been appointed under a proper procedure as envisaged under the prescribed norms. And while the GOI was still funding the scheme, the dis-engagement of the duly appointed technical experts was highly unjustified, illegal and unconstitutional, asserted Singh.
Only last month several employees of PHE Deptt working as DRWs, casuals and need based basis were denied their wages on the ground that their services were no longer required. He claimed that around 600 PHE workers of District Udhampur alone had been refused payment of wages by the Deptt by taking the plea that they had failed to comply with the online registration formalities.
“And while the Deptt continued to avail of their services, their wages were denied to them and their names excluded from PHE workers lists due to alleged technical errors in the records, strange but true. And still none to listen to the woes of the said workers during the tough times of rampaging pandemic”, regretted Singh.
Singh further recalled the termination of over 1500 health workers during 2020 including staff nurses, Lab and X-ray technicians besides other employees working in the Health Deptt in the most arbitrary and irregular manner thus snatching the livelihood of thousands of families during the currency of corona pandemic.
He regretted that the said medicos who had been appointed under SRO-24 following a proper procedure and had rendered services to the entire satisfaction of the Deptt had been terminated at a time when their services were needed most by the community.
And while the services of the said professionals were terminated, the govt appointed retired medicos to meet the health emergency in the UT.
Singh observed that the dis-engagement of the said health workers during the ongoing pandemic had not only operated harshly against them but had also deprived the community of their valuable services. He reminded the central and state govts of their tall slogans that none would be terminated during Covid-19 pandemic as also their appeals to the corporate sector not to dis-engage the private workforce. But what actually was being done in J&K had exposed the present govt in bad light, asserted Mr. Singh.