Top 10 Kim Jun-Un Laws To Be Followed By Noth Korean First Lady Ri Sol-JU


RIP Kim Jon Un: Kim is well known for his dictatorship. Cruelty has a happy meaning for him. His royalty has a separate budget. Well, starting from the top, the citizens of North Korea have to follow his hairstyle.

Immigrants, tourists are tested mentally physically at the airports.  Digital footages, videos and travel history of tourists are documented before their departure from the country.

Facts About Kim Jon UN

  • He is a chain smoker
  • His clothes and other accessories are imported every month
  • Lavish lover and Sex addict
  • North Korea has no calendar
  • Kim is a foodie
  • Rumours say that he killed his own sibling

Since the past couple days, Chinese media reports say Kim is no more. Other publishers across the world have no proofs or evidence to state it. Since his disappearance, his wife Ri Sol-Ju is now taking care of the country. Here we bought you some internet.

Top 10 Kim Jun-Un Laws To Be Followed By Noth Korean First Lady Ri Sol-JU

Facts About Ri Sol-ju

  • She learnt to sing and dance in china
  • She used to work as a cheer girl
  • Married for love to Kim

Rules Followed By Noth Korean First Lady Ri Sol-JU

Laws/rules are strictly implemented and followed by the North Koreans. It is known that rule-breaker is sentenced to death there. Being the first lady of North Korea, Ri Sol-ju also has to follow her own regulations.

#1 No marriages should be made on 21st February and on 15th April.

#2 Kim changed her name after their marriage. This was done to erase her past so that no traces were left.

#3 She should not meet her parents also no one in public.

#4 She left to practise singing and music after her marriage with kim.

#5 She was disappeared during her pregnancy

#6 She wears unique designer clothes which will never be cloned or shared to others.


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