Robo 2.0 China Day 5 Collections 5th day box office | Why it is a Disaster in China


Robo 2.0 got released in China this month in not less than 48,000 3D screens. Even with the high number of locations to premiere in China, after the first day itself, the collections came to a bare minimum. The first four days, 2.0 managed to collect only $2.76 Million which is loosely ₹ 19.32 Crores.

The reason for the significant drop is not quite clear. It could be deducted that the story was not quite appealing to the Chinese audience. In the Sci-Fi genre, they try to introduce scientifically unexplainable resurrection of a character using the technology which could have affected the movie grip on the audience. It was not well received even by the Indian audience as they did the first instalment of the movie named Entiran or Robot.

robo 2.0

Day-Wise Robo 2.0 Chinese Box-Office Collections 

  • Day 1: ₹ 9.59 Cr [$ 1.37 M]
    Day 2: ₹ 5.18 Cr [$ 0.74 M]
    Day 3: ₹ 2.94 Cr [$ 0.42 M]
    Day 4: ₹ 1.40 Cr [$ 0.20 M]
    Day 5: ₹ 1 Cr [$ 0.15 M]

Total 5 Days China Gross Collections: ₹ 12.32 Cr [$ 2.90 M]

The collection statistics speak for themselves. A glance at the data makes you aware that the movie is taking a downward spiral in the case of the collection as it did in India last year even after the big hype it was given. It was a disaster in the Box-office collections in India also. In India, the influence the leading cast like Rajani and Akshay Kumar has in the Indian market helped the movie recover at least 80% of its expenses. In China, it cannot be relied upon and the success solely depends upon the content quality of the movie.

What do you think about this? Do you think there is any other reason for its failure in both industries? Please let us know in the comments.

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