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Sathya puts a deal with Magician


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The episode begins with Sadhasivam and his household are ready for the magician exterior of the home! Magician automobile reached there. Magician and his assistant will get down from automobile. Sadhasivam and his household greets him. They welcomes him in. Sathya is staring him from upstairs. Magician locations his ft in that home and says to all one harmful ghost is inside the home. He can in a position to really feel that damaging vitality. Sathya doubts the place is the ghost? So he’s faux Magician. She needs to show a lesson to that Magician. She leaves from there. Indhumathi and Prabhu notices him and reveals their disinterest in it. Indhumathi says to them that they’re taking choices with out asking them. Magician asks them to indicate the room the place Pooja setting is organized? Sadhasivam takes him to upstairs.

He begins his pooja and asks them to deliver the woman. Assistant stares Veerasingham. He alerts him again. However everyone seems to be staring Veerasingham. He refuses to go however Anitha threatens him to go. She asks him to do that work correctly. Veerasingham exit whereas cursing all. He notices Prabhu and Indhumathi there. Veerasingham informs to Prabhu that Pooja already began he requested him to name Sathya to take a seat with him. He asks Prabhu to assist him. Prabhu complaints that they’re going every part in their very own want. So he can’t in a position to assist him. Indhumathi too refuses to assist him. Veerasingham goes to her room with out possibility. He notices Sathya there. He doubts who’s that whether or not Selvi or Sathya? He calls her identify. Sathya talks usually with him.

Sathya enquires to him Is he actually good magician? Will he throw out the ghost from her physique? He informs to her that he’s saying that he can. Sathya goes with him. Magician questions her identify? Sathya asks him to seek out it in his personal reasoning he introduced charges for it. He asks to her does she know him? He informs to her that he’s not actor to seek out him out in first sight. He asks everybody to go away out to show a lesson to ghost. Everybody leaves from there. Prabhu and Indhumathi questions them why are they popping out leaving Sathya behind? They narrates every part to him. Prabhu needs to cease it. However Regular pleads with him to remain calm. Sathya begins shouting. Prabhu tries to go inside however Saravana stops him. He says to him that Ghost is crying not Sathya. Prabhu feels pity for Sathya.

Sathya is thrashing Magician and he or she is shouting to create picture to them that she is getting beat from him. He stops Sathya and says to her that she isn’t possessed by any ghost. Sathya agrees with him. He asks her to say what she want as a substitute of beating him. She appreciates his concept. She shares one thing to him muted. His assistant is praising Guriji in entrance of all. Sathya faux like faint. Nirmala and Indhumathi takes her from there. Magician calls Saravana to come back inside. He begins beating him with whip. He thinks that he acquired crushed due to him. Magician asks Saravana to admit the reality or else it’s robust to regulate the ghost. Saravana thinks to admit the reality.

Episode finish..