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See.How government steals your income as a name of TDS .Big update on TDS. From Tip to Toe


Hmm.“TDS”, we are very familiar with this word. From age 18
to till death we have to see this deduction in our salary slip ,business income
or any other income.

TDS or Tax Deducted at Source is income tax deduct from the
money  at the time of making  payments like rent, commission,
professional fees, salary etc. by the persons who is making such payments to any person
Normally, the person who is receiving the money or income is liable to pay income tax. But the
government with the help of TDS provisions makes sure that
income tax is deducted in advance basis to ensure that  payments being made.
The recipient of income receives the net amount (after reducing TDS).then he/she can claim the deduction from the tax which already paid as a name of TDS from the gross income tax.
Any person making certain payments mentioned under the
IT Act are required to deduct TDS at the time of  such  payment. But there is no obligation to deduct TDS if any  person making the payment to any individual or HUF whose books are not fall under to be audited.

but as an exception,rent paid by individuals and HUF exceeding Rs 50,000 per month, are need to
less TDS @ 5% even if the individual or HUF is not required to be audited.
And for this they don’t  need to apply for TAN.

If you are in job so your employer deducts TDS at the income
tax slab rates
 applicable to you.

 Banks deduct TDS @10%. may
deduct @ 20% if you don’t disclose your PAN.

3.When TDS need to

At the time of payment   or
At the time crediting the A/C of payee
But in following cases TDS
deducted only at the time of payments:
Maturity of life insurance policy
Compensation on compulsory acquisition of
The TDS should be deposited to the government by 7th of
the subsequent or next month.
TDS deducted in the month of may should be paid to the
government by 7th of june. However, the TDS deducted in the March can be
deposited till 30th April. This grace period is given to entity for
finalization of accounts.

 The due date of TDS  on rent and purchase of property, is within 30 days from
the end of the month in which TDS is deducted at the time of payment

5. How to deposit

TDS need to be deposited by using Challan no ITNS-281 on the portal.:-

6. How and When to
file TDS returns?

Filing TDS is mandatory for all who have deducted TDS at the time of payment. TDS return is a quarterly return and  need to be furnished prescribe details like TAN, amount of TDS deducted, type of
payment, PAN  etc. Also, different forms are there to file return depending on the type of TDS  are as follows:

6. What is a TDS

there are some specified certificates  like Form 16, Form
16A, Form 16 B and Form 16 C  . TDS certificates
have to be issued by a person who is  deducting TDS from you or any other person . As
 an example 

Banks issue Form 16A to the depositor when TDS is deducted on interest from
fixed deposits if depositor dont give 15G or 15H form.

Form no 16 is issued by the employer to the employee.

7. TDS credits in
Form 26AS

It is important to understand how TDS is linked to your PAN.
TDS deductions are linked to PAN numbers for both the deductor and deductee. If
TDS has been deducted from any of your income you should get Tax Credit in Form 26AS.

This form is a
consolidated tax statement which is available to all PAN holders. Since all TDS
is linked to your PAN, this form lists out the details of TDS deducted on your
income by each deductor for all kinds of payments made to you – whether those
are salaries or interest income – all TDS linked to your PAN is reported here.
This form also has income tax directly paid by you – as advance tax or selfassessment tax. Therefore, it becomes important for you to mention your PAN
correctly, wherever TDS may be applicable on your income.

8. What is the percentage of TDS?
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