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Spring is here, and it is time to shed off those coats and jackets. Louisiana’s weather can be tricky at times. One day it’s hot, but the weather decides to be cooler on the next day. So, it is crucial to have clothing that will match the non-consistent weather changes. 

I have some pieces that I will be sharing that will offer some inspiration for your next clothing purchases. Some of them you can wear year-round, and many were either bought online or thrifted. 

Sweater Vests

spring pieces 9

Sweater vests are the new trend going around. I thrifted this sweater vests from Goodwill. But I did see cute sweater vests that I wish I could add to my wardrobe. You can find these sweater vests at Minga London and Cider.

For the spring, I’ll wear sweater vest with a cami underneath. You can also wear them with jeans, pants or shorts. 

Tennis Skirts

spring pieces 4

Tennis skirts were seen all over the internet during the fall and winter. Although, you can still wear your tennis skirt in the spring. My white skirt is from American Apparel, but they do not sell the item anymore. The plaid one was from Forever 21. They do not sell that skirt anymore either, but this is a black one with the same style. 

You can wear these skirts with any top or sweater for those cool nights. It’s perfect for mixing and matching. 

Oversized and Graphic T-Shirts

spring pieces 6

Lately, I’ve been on the oversized craze. I love how an oversize shirt looks on me, and it can become a simple outfit to wear with the right bottoms and accessories. I usually thrift oversized shirts like the tie-dye one. Urban Outfitters does not sell the yellow Pink Floyd shirt, but you can get the Nirvana one here. Urban Outfitters sells many shirts like the Nirvana one on their website and in stores. 

I also bought the “Tennis Anyone?” shirt from Rowing Blazers. If you want an oversized fit, I recommend ordering a large. They also have other graphic tees as well. 

Crop Tops

spring pieces 7

It is finally time to bring out the crop tops. Crop tops are my favorite when paired with high-waisted shorts or jeans. I love the way it looks, and it is also a simple outfit. 

I bought the pink one from PacSun. They do not sell this shirt anymore, but I did buy it from PacSun’s PS Basic collection. The one on the left is from Brandy Melville, but they do not sell this shirt anymore either. Although, they sell a lot of cute crop tops. The Guess shirt is also not sold on their site anymore. 

But I love stores like Urban Outfitters and PacSun for my crop tops. You can also check out Motel Rocks for more unique crop tops. 


Spring pieces 2

I have too many pairs of jeans, but I always end up buying more. I mostly get my denim from BDG at Urban Outfitters. I always look for high-waisted jeans and shorts, and BDG has never let me down. You can buy the jeans here and the shorts here

You can also get away from denim with patterned pants. I also bought the checkered pants from Urban Outfitters, but they do not sell that one specifically anymore. I also love the Nike shorts. They are comfy and great for lounging or walking to class. 


spring pieces 5

It is getting warmer outside, but there are still days when it’s cool. These are my favorite crewnecks that I wear all the time. I usually wear them with a tennis skirt or shorts when it is cool outside. 

The “Monte Carlo Tennis Club” crewneck is my absolute favorite, and it is also soft. I recommend ordering a large if you want an oversized fit. Firstport Company also sells other crewnecks like this one. 

You can also get the blue crewneck at Brandy Melville


spring pieces 10

My favorite accessories are hats and hair scarfs. I put most of my money into those two accessories. They can also help elevate your outfit. 

I personally love bucket hats. The blue, corduroy bucket hat from Butter Goods is dope, but they do not sell it anymore. Although, I do recommend this bucket hat from the site.

Hair scarves are also in trend, and I got mine from Urban Outfitters. You can get it here and wear it in many different styles that will fit best for your outfit. 

Trucker hats are strangely back in style, but you can buy them from local businesses like Pastime Resale. Places like Depop like to overcharge people on some thrifted items, but at this site, all thrifted items are reasonably priced. My hat is technically not a trucker hat, but it still fits in with the style. 

Tote Bag

spring pieces 8

I also can’t forget the tote bag. I don’t carry a purse, but I do love a good tote bag. I got mine from Firstport Company. For the upcoming summer, it would be a good idea to have a tote bag to bring with you on beach trips. 

It’s a handy accessory that will also complete your spring outfit. 


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