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Sofia Vergara Vows To Get Even With Simon Cowell After Horrifying ‘AGT’ Prank


Be careful what you wish for, Sofia Vergara.

On Tuesday’s episode, the “America’s Got Talent” judge said her favorite acts on the show were ones that were “dangerous,” explaining, “When something horrific is going to happen, that’s what I love about this show.”

And her fellow judge Simon Cowell was all too eager to grant her that wish.

Cowell then played a truly cruel prank on Vergara with the help of the infamous “comedy danger act” Ryan Stock and Amberlynn Walker — who previously appeared on “AGT” when Walker hit Stock’s neck with a flaming arrow during a stunt, Yahoo Entertainment reports

With the memory of Walker and Stock’s last antic going south fresh in the judge’s minds, the duo invited Vergara and Cowell on stage to try one of their terrifying tricks.

This act involved one person holding a balloon in their mouth while the other popped the balloon by shooting it with a crossbow while blindfolded. Vergara decided to shoot the crossbow, and was blindfolded. While she couldn’t see, Cowell and the “AGT” crew quickly executed the prank.

Watch the video above to see how Cowell pulled it off, but essentially the joke left Vergara petrified that she may have just killed her co-worker.

“You know I’m Colombian, and you know we take revenge,” Vergara told Cowell afterward.