Song Joong-ki shares experience learning Italian for K-drama Vincenzo


Song Joong-ki Fans are always excited to hear about him. Recently, he revealed that he will be speaking Italian language in his popular Korean series Vincenzo.

In an online press conference, he revealed that he learned Italian to portray his role in the K-drama. In the series Song Joong-ki is playing the role of Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian lawyer who also happens to be a Mafia consigliere.

After a major conflict in his organization, Vincenzo flees to Korea with his childhood name Park Joo-hyung and encounters his enemy.

To portray the reality in the character, he should speak the Italian language properly and Song Joong-ki accepted the challenges. Interestingly, this is not the first time he is learning a foreign language for a role. He learned Spanish for two of his recent films, Space Sweepers and Bogotá.

“I learned Spanish in Space Sweepers and in the recent movie Bogotá, I had to use a lot of Spanish, so I thought Italian wouldn’t be too difficult,” Song Joong-ki shared. “But the two languages are very different. Also, speaking Italian in Korea, which is a foreign setting for the character, wasn’t easy to balance, but it was fun,” said the actor.

In the conference, Song Joong-ki said that Vincenzo director wants him to portray the role as an original Italian mafia. “The difference that arises as he comes to Korea and meets, as we say, the typical Korean people,” said the actor.

Song Joong-ki also said that the “difference between the two, there are many scenes and elements where we try to incorporate something that’s uniquely Italian.” He added one and “obviously the easiest way to do that is through language, so I have worked very hard along with an Italian tutor and yes I have studied Italian.”

In a different press conference Song Joong-ki admitted that Italian “is a very difficult language.” From his earlier experience learning Spanish, he assumed that learning Italian would be somewhat similar. However, the actor found that Italian is not an easy language to learn.

The Netflix K-drama series Vincenzo is written by Park Jae Bum and created by Studio Dragon. Viewers will also find Song-Joong-ki’s love angle in the show. Vincenzo will fall in love with an attorney called Hong Cha-Young. It premiered on tvN on February 20, 2021 and airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 KST. Tune in today to get more updates on the K-drama.

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