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Sony Xperia 10 hands-on review


When Sony’s new smartphone line-up was announced, we were a bit worried that they’d feel like TV remotes in the hand. Happily, that’s not the case at all, and despite its long and slim profile, the Xperia 10 is a nice thing to wield.

In this brave new world of smartphone design, a thick black bezel on top is beginning to look a bit old-fashioned, but it’s not like you’re left wanting for more screen real estate.

As you’d expect from a phone at this price, the metal back and slightly protruding camera module are far from premium, but that’s not to say the Xperia 10 feels cheap. Sony’s built an affordable phone with personality, and we’re not going to complain about that.

The fingerprint sensor is built into the right-hand edge of the device, which we’ll test properly in the full review. In any case, it’s sensibly located, even if we’ve been spoilt by the in-display readers appearing in new phones all the time.

We only saw the black version, but Sony confirmed that the Xperia 10 will also be available in navy, silver and pink.