State launches free public health training program


The curriculum for the Citizen Public Health Training program was designed by faculty at Cornell University.

New York State is partnering with Cornell University to launch a new public health training program for New York residents.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement on Tuesday, touting the concept as the first of its kind in the nation.

While the curriculum will cover best practices for COVID-19, Cuomo said that the goal of the training is to prepare communities across the state for subsequent health crises after the current pandemic.

“The time to get that education and training is now,” he said.

The 16-hour course will be entirely online and free to New York residents. According to the Governor, the sessions will be led by faculty from Cornell and the SUNY system.

Cuomo was joined by Lorin Warnick, Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell, who said the training curriculum incorporates concepts in healthcare, communications, and community engagement would allow graduates to become “public health leaders for their communities and families.”

Warnick added that the training will help communities around the state tackle other, ongoing public health challenges like food insecurity and lack of equity.

Interested residents can register with Cornell University to get more information on enrollment.


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