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Sulthan is not about Tipu, clarifies production house


Following an attack by members of fringe Hindu groups on the sets of the film Sulthan, starring actor Karthi, in Dindigul, its makers have clarified that the film has nothing to do with Tipu Sultan.

On Tuesday, the shooting of the film was disrupted by members of the Hindu Munnani and Hindu Makkal Katchi at Malaikottai in Dindigul. The men allegedly argued that a film on Tipu Sultan cannot be shot there. Though members of the crew clarified, the protesters did not budge. Following the commotion, police intervened and filming was halted. Dream Warrrior Pictures, producers of Sulthan, said in a statement, “This is not a historical film. In the recent past, individuals and political groups have sought publicity by attacking films. What can be or cannot be shown can only be decided by the CBFC.”

The production house also condemned the habit of viewing historical figures and national leaders through caste or religious lens.

Following the incident, veteran actor and Karthi’s father Sivakumar released a video message countering claims that he is an atheist. Stating that he grew up praying to Lord Muruga since the age of five, he said that ‘true devotion’ was about caring for others, treating them as equals and helping those in need. “A religious person should do all these things. This is what all religions preach,” Mr. Sivakumar said in the clip.

Old video circulated

Earlier, an old video was circulated showing Karthi’s borther and actor Suriya visiting a dargah, alleging that he had converted to Islam.

The actor had visited the shrine a few years ago on the invitation of musician A.R. Rahman’s mother.

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