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Tekken 7 Website Teases a New, Unknown Character

“Nothing at all is known” by Robert Ramsey Thu 23rd Apr 2020 It looks like a fresh Tekken 7 announcement is on the horizon, as the game’s official website is teasing the game’s 50th fighter. Head on over to the complete character list and you’ll find an entry right at the end titled ‘N/A’. It […]

Tekken 7 Teases DLC Character from Poland

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Tekken 7 Teases New DLC Fighter

Tekken 7 developer and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed a new teaser trailer for an upcoming new DLC fighter set to release for the popular fighting video game in early spring 2021. The teaser trailer, which was shared as part of this weekend’s Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable, appears to indicate that the new fighter […]

New Elden Ring Footage Seemingly Leaks

News on Elden Ring has been pretty quiet over the past few weeks, but the upcoming Soulslike title has been back in the headlines once again in recent days. Only one day after a new release window for the game was seemingly given by the parent company of FromSoftware, some leaked footage from Elden Ring […]