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Which game is better for 2 GB RAM Android devices in May 2021?

Players are drawn to PUBG Mobile Lite and COD Mobile because of the graphics and gameplay mechanics they offer low-end devices. Each game, though, has its own set of system specifications and device optimization capabilities. This article compares COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite based on minimum specifications required, their gameplay, and graphics to determine […]

Shaun “yoitsmee” Pillai, Global Esports Fortnite roster

Recently, Global Esports announced its all-Indian competitive Fortnite roster. Their goal is to cultivate a knack for the game and develop a community of professional Fortnite gamers in the nation. Although the competitive Fortnite circuit in India might not be as popular as mobile gaming titles, there are a few mechanically gifted players in the […]

Esports firms chase PUBG alternatives

The ban on PUBG Mobile has left esports firms in a quandary and sparked off a hurried search for alternatives to the popular esports game. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, or PUBG Mobile, was an integral part of many esports tournaments scheduled for this year, and some of them have already begun. Now, companies are rushing to […]