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Taking Ajith’s Video Turned Farzana’s Life Upside Down, Here’s How


Farzana, 28-year-old, hails from the Saligramam area of Chennai, who has been working as a co-ordinator for doctors at a famous private hospital in Chennai. As a die-hard fan of Ajith Kumar, she wouldn’t be knowing that her action over the actor’s visit to her hospital would turn her life upside down.

Last year, during May when actor Ajith along with his wife Shalini visited a private hospital for medical concerns during the COVID-19 outbreak. Farzana, being a staff of the hospital, out of excitement, videographed Actor Ajith Kumar. Security officials who monitored the incident seemed to snatch her mobile. Somehow, the video has been leaked on social media after the mobile was handed over to Farzana.

Later then, the hospital management suspended Farzana for being the reason for disseminating the video on social media that promulgated the question of Ajith, being tested positive for Corona. Sources said that the hospital management again hired Farzana as per the request of Ajith’s wife Shalini yet none of the work was assigned for her. After Farzana being sacked out of the hospital management, she apologized to both the management and to Ajith’s side. But the hospital management refused to handover Farzana’s certificates citing loan reasons. Thus she was left jobless for past a year that lead her family to suffer during pandemic. However, Farzana decided to narrate the whole scenario to Actor Ajith and seek for help, thus she contacted his manager Suresh Chandra.

Initially, Suresh Chandra said that he would take the matter to Ajith Kumar and get her financial help, yet later he denied his words. Over being upset, Farzana tried to commit suicide, later she recovered after being immediately rushed to the hospital. Farzana lodged a complaint at the police station against Actor Ajith’s manager Suresh Chandra, that led to file FIR under various sections including cheating and betrayal.

On speaking to News18 Tamil Nadu, Suresh Chandra said ‘Actor Ajith was not the reason for Farzana’s termination. The hospital management only sacked her after examining the CCTV Camera. Even Actor Ajith Kumar came forward to bare the school fee of Farzana’s Daughter. But instead of letting it to be paid directly to the school management, Farzana wanted the money to be handed over to her. She then lodged a complaint on me and so I stopped talking to her’.

‘I lost my livelihood with no source to serve my family. I’m left helpless. I expect the Actor to lend me direct help. I merely want a word from Ajith sir’, said Farzana.

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