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Taking style cues from Tom Hardy, the unconventional style chameleon



Unconventional choices of films as well as style picks, his ‘I don’t care’ attitude, clubbed with his rugged charm and masculinity–– these are some of the reasons that make British actor Tom Hardy popular. The man is also known as a chameleon for his ability to drastically transform his look for the required roles, be it the conman Eames in Inception (2010) or classy bootlegger Forrest Bondurant in Lawless (2012). Hardy is also one of the most stylish and elegant men around, who can pull off the trickiest looks with ease. You don’t usually relate the actor with men’s fashion as he hardly walks the ramp or endorses any fashion brand. But that’s precisely the reason why he is so uber-cool.

His transformation for the role of James Keziah Delaney, in his new hit TV show Taboo, has left his fans awestruck. We decided to take some style cues from him. Check out his best looks over the years that have several fashion lessons for you.

Regally masculine

In the latest period TV show Taboo, Hardy plays the role of James Keziah Delaney, where he looks regal and masculine. The look consists of long coat, vest coat and cargo pants, all dark in colour. However, it’s the top hat and his van-dyke beard that steals the show. To get this look right, stick to a dark uniform colour.

Post apocalyptic cool

Rugged sand coloured leather jacket, a Henley and a pair of cargo pants and cargo boots— his post apocalyptic desert warrior look in the movie Mad Max (2015) was quite the rage among cosplayers. Our advice? Go for a military jacket and opt for dark shades of brown. For the perfect look, distress the jacket and the cargo pants. The key to acing this look is to distress the jacket and the cargo pants. It’s perfect for a summer safari.

Slick and suave

You can’t forget him as Eames, the cunning conman from Inception. Apart from the smart-casual combo of open collar shirts and blazer, it was the added touch of pocket squares and vintage watches which made the look perfect. We suggest, opt for a wool blazer with an open neck shirt and pair it with straight-leg linen-blend trousers and penny loafers.

Gatsby-esque swag

In Lawless (2012), Hardy played a classy bootlegger. Set in 1930’s, he wore open-ended V-neck cardigans paired with mandarin collar shirts and striped pants. Hardy’s cardigan became so popular that the fans coined a new term for the cardigan, ‘Hardigan’. To get the look right, layer your cardigan with mandarin collar shirts and pair with flannel trousers and a pair of sleek brown shoes. Stick with subtle colours such as grey and finish the look with a fedora hat.

Suit it up

In 2015, Hardy played a double role in the gangster runaway hit Legends. Set in the 1960’s, he wore two outfits for his roles. One look consisted of classic dark coloured three piece suits with double breasted jackets. His other look consisted of single breasted jackets, worn either open or fastened. This look was more casual and relaxed compared to other look, and exposed more of the white shirt. The key to acing the classic 60’s suit and tie is to not go for a slim fit look, but a little loose fitted look made in a heavier fabric with a visible texture.


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KotOR remake release date, trailer, latest news



Ask people what the best Star Wars game of all time is and there is little doubt that the name you will hear the most is Knights of the Old Republic – or KotOR as we all call it for ease.

Being such a popular game, and with Star Wars all the rage again thanks in no small part to The Mandalorian, it came as little surprise to learn that we would be getting a KotOR remake and, if anything, the biggest surprise is that it has taken until now for it to happen.

And this is not just a touching up of the paint, this is a full-on remake from the ground up, so it should look incredible when we get to play it in glorious 4K HDR.

But when is the KotOR remake being released, and what changes are there to the gameplay? Here is everything you need to know!

When is the KotOR remake release date?

We will be making our return to around 4,000 years before the original Star Wars trilogy at some point, but don’t expect to be taking that trip any time soon. We do not have a release window yet, let alone a specific date, and with the team apparently still in the early stages of development, we would be surprised to see it this side of 2024 at the earliest.

What platforms can I get KotOR remake on?

The original KotOR was an Xbox exclusive. which makes it all the more jolting to learn that this will be a PlayStation and PC exclusive – at least at first.

The KotOR remake will be a timed exclusive and therefore should launch on other platforms after the time is up (which is normally 12 months). So Xbox will be getting it at some point, and there is the possibility of a Nintendo Switch release down the line too.

Can I pre-order KotOR remake?

Not yet! Fingers crossed we’ll be able to soon but, at the time of writing, there are no pre-order links available. As soon as that situation changes we will let you know right here.

KotOR remake story

Here is the official synopsis for the game, should you need your mind refreshed:

KOTOR, which is part of Legends storytelling, dials the Star Wars clock back to over 4,000 years before the Skywalker saga. The Galactic Republic is at its height and has just been through a major war. Jedi are plentiful, but so are the Sith, and the evil Darth Malak leads a growing legion of dark warriors. Players will go on an epic adventure and, along the way, visit different worlds, amass a party of memorable beings, and uncover their own mysterious past.

KotOR remake trailer

There certainly is a KotOR remake trailer and here it is for you to watch right now!

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