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TCC taps 3SS for Android TV multiscreen service in Uruguay | Infrastructure | News

Leading Uruguayan cable and OTT TV service provider TCC has gone live with its next-generation hybrid TV and multiscreen platform, based on Android TV OS Operator Tier.
TCC Uruguay 3SS SDMC 7 May 2021
In the deployment the operator is deploying the DV8545-C STB from SDMC integrated with branded 3READY Experience by 3SS for new hybrid TV, based on Android TV OS Operator Tier.

The new hybrid STB is available to TCC’s subscribers in Montevideo, offering access to all live and VOD content in an integrated experience, from both cable (DVB-C), and OTT networks. It is also available to the broader pay-TV industry in Latin America through ZetaTV, TCC’s B2B business.

The new next-gen hybrid+multiscreen TCC VIVO service is now available with customised 3SS-designed launcher on the SDMC STB. It offers support for the Android TV Custom Launcher, on STB, and on iOS and Android mobile devices, with content discovery through the 3READY Product Framework. The 3READY Control Centre enables unified experience management on all devices, real-time targeted promotions, and A/B testing for accelerated and informed service enhancements.

The project has received support from Uruguay’s National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) in recognition of innovation and benefit to local technical knowledge and creative and media landscape. It also marks the first Latin American deployment by 3SS.

“We are really excited to be working with 3SS and SDMC as we know both share our core value of customer-centricity, and our drive to provide real value to TV viewers with a compelling, easy-to-use all-in-one entertainment experience,” said Javier Ruete, CEO of TCC. “We’re delighted to be bringing a new, world class TV offering to our subscribers and to the wider marketplace.”

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