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Teen Titans Go! Fans Find it Hilarious That Movie Predicted Batwheels



In 2018’s animated film Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, Robin and his pals sat in a movie theater and watched as the most obscure characters in Gotham City got feature film adaptations before he did. It’s one of the more memorable jokes from the movie, and highlights not just how ridiculous it is that Robin hasn’t gotten his own film, but that the superhero genre is so saturated that even a butler can get a solo adventure. While this was just meant as a joke about the industry, it turned out to be a peek into the future.

After the movie came out, DC and Warner Bros. TV greenlit a series called Pennyworth, which gave an origin story to Bruce Wayne’s beloved butler. Now, the second part of that joke is also coming true. HBO Max and Warner Bros. Animation are developing a TV series called Batwheels, and it’s about the vehicles of Gotham.

The show is meant for preschool audiences and features a group of sentient super-powered vehicles, led by none other than the Batmobile. It’s not a full movie, but it’s still a full series with a car in the lead role.

Of course, ever since the news of Batwheels broke on Tuesday, DC fans everywhere have been calling back to the joke in Teen Titans GO!, proving that the movie might actually be prophetic.

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Where’s the Utility Belt??



Football: Captains plot their moves as they seek a victory of sorts



PETALING JAYA: For Kuala Lumpur captain Paulo Josue, featuring in the 100th anniversary of the Malaysia Cup final today is something he will remember for a lifetime.

But he does not want to be just part of a historic game. The Brazilian aims to lead his players to a stunning win against their illustrious opponents.

The 32-year-old, who has been one of the top providers in the competition with six assists, said he is excited to be playing in front of a big crowd again.

“Not only that, I think all eyes in Malaysia will be watching the game. It’s a huge privilege for me to be there in Bukit Jalil with our supporters. As captain, I can assure the fans we’ll give our 100%,” said the midfielder.

“It will be tough because we are facing the biggest side in South-East Asia. They’ve won the Super League eight times in a row, so there isn’t much to say about their greatness.

“Coach Bojan (Hodak) just told us to go and enjoy the game. Keep to the game plan, especially in defence and when we have the chance to attack, make sure we hurt them.”

JDT captain and goalkeeper Mohd Farizal Marlias said the players are highly motivated to defend the title and added that a win tonight was crucial as it would be historic.

“We want to put JDT’s name on the trophy because it’s the 100th anniversary. It will be meaningful for the club and us,” said the 35-year-old.

“We have played with them twice before and once allowed them to score through a set piece, it was a lesson to us. So we have to be more focused and not make mistakes in front of goal,” said the 35-year-old goalkeeper.

“We can’t take them for granted. They have strengths, too but what’s important is us, our own preparations.”

Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur’s veteran defender Shukor Adan, 42, revealed that the final would be his last game after announcing that he would hang up his boots after 24 years in the sport.

“Whether I’m playing in the final or not, I’m proud of Kuala Lumpur,” said Shukor, who has won the Malaysia Cup four times in 2002, 2005, 2009 and 2011.

“For me, it’s best not to mention the past, because this is the new generation. The game has evolved and whoever is entrusted to play tonight, I’m sure they will give their best.

“Winning the Malaysia Cup would surely be a sweet end to my career.”

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Omicron casts shadow on foreign travel plans | Ranchi News



Ranchi: The detection of the Omicron variant of coronavirus is once again threatening to cast a shadow over travel plans for many overseas Jharkhand residents, who couldn’t return home in the last two years, as the clamour for suspension of international flights is slowly gaining traction in the country.
Jamshedpur-based Joydeep Dubey (38), who currently works in Melbourne in Australia, is stressed over his plan to visit his hometown early next year for his cousin’s marriage. Owing to international travel curbs and extended border lockdowns in Australia, he, his wife and two kids couldn’t visit their parents since the past two years.
With Australia now announcing to defer its plan to reopen its border from December 1, Dubey is in a Catch-22 situation — whether to book tickets or not for his scheduled visit in February end next year. “We were excited to return home but the sudden turn of events in the last few days has now making us think again,” he said over a Whatsapp call.
Ranchi-based businessman Dhiraj Kumar and his family had planned a weeklong trip to the Maldives for the New Year but are reconsidering. “Just when the situation seems to be improving, the virus threat is again looming large. While our travel agent has advised us to stay put, we fear on losing out on money on cancellation in the event of a further spike in cases,” he said.
Shailesh Agarwal, chairman of tourism sub-committee of Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FJCCI) and proprietor of Drishti Travels, said, “In recent times, there has been a major boom in travel and tourism as people from the state are going in hordes to places like the Maldives, Malaysia among others. But we are again flooded with calls mostly from those who booked their international tours till March next year, asking about cancellations. We have bookings of 300 persons in recent weeks for international destinations. We have now stopped any further bookings post March till the situation becomes clear.”

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New season coming in May 2022



The Stranger Things season 4 release date is confirmed for summer 2022. Netflix announced that news in the Stranger Things season 4 episode titles video on Stranger Things Day 2021.

That’s much later than fans were expecting to see the new season, which is set over spring break 1986. We all thought we’d see the new season of Stranger Things in the spring of 2022, but now, we’ll all be waiting for Stranger Things season 4 in the summer of 2022.

Well, we might not have to wait that long, according to a new rumor about the Stranger Things season 4 release date.

Stranger Things season 4 release date rumor

The rumor, which was first seen on Deuxmoi and was later shared on Twitter, is that Stranger Things season 4 is coming on May 27, 2022.

When we first saw the rumor, we thought it might be a little bit late. Now that we know that the new season’s coming in the summer of 2022, it makes more sense for a few reasons.

First of all, technically, TV and movie summer starts the last week of April, basically, and runs through September. So, when Netflix says “Summer 2022,” that could mean May 2022.

Second, we also know that May 27 is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Netflix has released Stranger Things over holiday weekends in the past. Stranger Things season 2 premiered on Halloween weekend in 2017 and Stranger Things season 3 premiered on Fourth of July weekend in 2019.

And, last but not least, the last week of May is the deadline for the 2022 Emmys. If Stranger Things season 4 comes out by May 31, 2022, the season will be eligible for the Emmys.

Obviously, there’s a chance Netflix doesn’t care about any of that and wants to roll out Stranger Things season 4 in July 2022. We know Stranger Things season 3 was the most popular of the first three seasons, and it was released in the summer. Maybe, that’s the plan for season 4?

Knowing what we do so far, this is probably the most realistic Stranger Things season 4 release date we’ve seen.

Stay tuned for more news about the Stranger Things season 4 release date on Netflix.

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