Thalaivi trailer: Kangana Ranaut brings her never-back-down spirit to Jayalalithaa biopic. Watch here


The first trailer for Thalaivi, the upcoming drama about the life of actor-turned-politician J Jayalalithaa, was released on actor Kangana Ranaut‘s 34th birthday on Tuesday. A teaser was released in February.

Directed by AL Vijay, the film also stars Aravind Swami, Prakash Raj, Jisshu Sengupta and Bhagyashree, among others. The trailer shows Jayalalithaa being undermined by men, who doubt if she has what it takes to be a politician, especially because she was originally an actor.

There are also glimpses of romantic scenes and moments of humour. She is told that if she is willing to spread love, she will receive love in return. We are then shown glimpses of Jayalalithaa campaigning, and winning support across the state. Powerful moments include Jayalalithaa taking on Indira Gandhi face-to-face in her maiden speech in the Parliament in 1984. Incidentally, Kangana will play Indira in an upcoming film as well.

Politician PJ Kurien had told Hindustan Times in 2016 that he remembered the moment vividly. “When J Jayalalithaa made her maiden speech in the Rajya Sabha, even the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi came to the House to hear her. I was a Lok Sabha member then, and I remember it was like an event here (Parliament). The gallery was full and when she finished speaking, everyone was praising her articulation, content and language. It made news that day,” he’d said.

Kangana has been teasing a ‘massive transformation’ over the months and had said in the past that she’d gained 20 kgs for the role.

In a tweet, she’d written that the weight gain ‘severely damaged’ her back — although for the most part, she relied on prosthetics to make her appear heavier. Last year, in an interview with ANI, Kangana likened herself to Jayalalithaa. She said: “She was a very reluctant actor. It is the same with me. I never wanted to be an actor, and that is why we became very unusual actors.”

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“I think she always felt that she was worth much more than just being a glam doll [in films], and she became a politician. Like how I became a filmmaker because I felt that being an actress was very limiting for me. So, I think there are parallels,” she added.


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