Thappad Movie Review: A Story Behind The Walls Of Oppression


Review Of Thappad Movie: A story of the single slap. Vickram in a critical situation hits his wife Amruta which affects her emotions but not the body. The movie shows the story of a typical Indian household woman played by tapsee bought pitch to the role.

One single hit makes amrutha awaken from the reverie of traditional Indian-social oppression. Comparatively, there were no motivations to showcase male dominations.

This reason makes amruta apply for divorce and get from the knot.

Thappad Movie Review

Other personal signs of her husband like criticizing women become the reasons of amrita’s divorce application. Story plots the background emotions and feelings of Indian women.

Director Anubhav Sinha made the audience realize the story more than the charm of actors. Talks behind closed doors are publicized with this move.

Thappad is the best counter to those Bollywood movies which show females as a toy in society. The movie gives a strong message to the comming-age society. Actor tapsee clones her play with females oppression impresses fans across the country.


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