The 9 Best Mystery Movies on Netflix to Watch Now


Sometimes all we want out of our movie viewing experience is a feel good, low-maintenance boost of serotonin for 90 minutes straight. And there’s no shame in turning to the screen to clear your head. Of course, there are other times when we want to put a little leg work into our watch. After all, there are few things more satisfying than trying to keep a step ahead of a story.

And what better genre is there than the mystery genre when it comes to flexing those mental gymnastics? With guaranteed suspense and addictive bread crumb trail storylines, mystery movies highlight one of these greatest storytelling techniques in film: leaving something for the imagination. By the end, you’ll either find yourself dumbfounded by the truth, clinging to the edge of a cliff-hanger, or high-fiving yourself for “calling it” from the start.

So why not follow those footsteps to the TV and investigate Netflix’s mystery movies? We’ve already covered you when it comes to the best picks to get you started. Finding the missing link to your perfect movie night is elementary, dear reader. Follow our lead.


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