The Batsman Hit Such A Shot, Three Players Were Harmed, Seeing The Umpire Was Overwhelmed


The batsman hit such a shot, three players were hurt, seeing the umpire was overpowered

A 3-facilitate T20 course of action is being played in Greater Noida among Afghanistan and Ireland (AFG Vs IRE). In which Afghanistan named the plan 2–0. The third and last T20 facilitate between the two will be played on 10 March. Something happened in the second T20 organize, which stunned everyone. When Rashid Khan came to taking care of on the breaking point, the Indian fans made such a joke, on hearing that, they furthermore laughed. This video is getting extremely famous on TikTok

Indian fans went to the ground to enable the Afghanistan to cricket group. When Rashid Khan appeared at dealing with on the cutoff, a man invited him to go to his procession. A man hollering uproariously would state, “Rashid bhai you have to go to my procession. You won’t come… “on which Rashid Khan started shaking his head. By then the individual said – “In case I don’t come, I won’t climb the pony.” On which Rashid Khan recalled and started laughing.


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