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The Great Indian Kitchen lauded by Justice Chandrachud, Judge on SC’s Sabarimala bench

Director Jeo Baby’s ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ has created a sensation across South India and grabbed huge social media attention for its brilliant content. The movie has been receiving glowing reviews from fans and critics since it began streaming on various OTT platforms. Now, the movie has also caught the attention of Supreme Court judge Chandrachud, who heaped praises on the makers after watching the film.

Notably, Justice Chandrachud was on the five-judge bench that pronounced the verdict of allowing women’s entry inside the Sabarimala temple. Speaking at a virtual event, he termed The Great Indian Kitchen ‘poignantly engaging’ and explained how it connected with the Sabarimala judgement. A video of the SC judge lauding the film was shared by director Jeo Baby on his Facebook page.

In the video, Chandrachud can be heard saying, “Recently, I watched the Malayalam movie The Great Indian Kitchen, which was nominated for the Shanghai International Film Festival of 2021. The movie was set in modern Kerala, where a newlywed bride was adjusting to her husband’s household. In the latter half of the movie, there are men who are shown to be preparing for their pilgrimage.”

“The film charted out the compounding indignities that the bride faced in unpaid and thankless labour that was exerted in domestic chores and cooking. The denial of her ambitions to work a job of her choice, and finally, the harsh isolation and associated untouchability when menstruating. The movie poignantly engaged with the news of the Supreme Court judgment and juxtaposed it with the livid reality of this woman who was not asserting. She was not asserting the right to go on the pilgrimage but was fighting a much deeper battle as her existence was diminished by her gender,” he added.

Justice said the story is a stark reminder of how mere legislative or judicial intervention does not automatically upend the inequities that are entrenched in our society.

About ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’

Featuring Suraj Venjaramoodu and Nimisha Sajayan in lead roles, The Great Indian Kitchen revolves around the story of a newlywed woman who is expected to be submissive to her husband’s family. The hard-hitting film explores the sensitive representation of society and how a woman is asked to be a homemaker after marriage. 

The film was released on an OTT platform called Neestream in January, after being rejected by OTT giants. After gaining huge popularity, Amazon Prime Video secured the rights of The Great Indian Kitchen and streamed it in April.


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