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‘The Ravine’ movie premieres in Sioux City


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – The drama movie “The Ravine” premiered across select theaters Saturday… and one of those is Sioux City.

Some of the team that worked on the film were here in Sioux City Saturday for a red carpet event.

The movie was co-produced and co-written by Briar Cliff University alum Robert Pascuzzi, and his wife, Kelly, based on the book of the same name.

It’s based on a real-life tragedy.

Pascuzzi said they were excited to be back in Sioux City to premiere the movie and hopes everyone can learn something from seeing the film.

“I hope they take away a new meaning for how they can turn maybe something that’s been difficult in their life into something positive. Perhaps push out some dark moments, bring in light and find forgiveness and hope. And that’s ultimately what the movie is about,” said Robert Pascuzzi, Producer.

The premiere included lunch at Marto Brewing in Downtown Sioux City and a quick question and answer with the crew of the movie.

Kyle Lowder, one of the actors in the film says it’s been a long journey getting to this point.

“Finally getting this movie out and getting it to the world, to the public. And having everyone be affected by the message as much as we were. We’re just so thrilled. So, thrilled about it. We’ve been waiting for this weekend for a long time and are thrilled to be here in Sioux City and enjoying every second of it. So, very blessed,” said Kyle Lowder, Actor.

Those at the premiere could take pictures with the Ravine crew before heading into the Promenade theater for a screening of the movie.