The way of righteousness


Winter was at its peak. It was a beautiful village surrounded by mountains and forests. A little girl lived there. He wished to go to his friend’s house. She left the house with just a piece of bread in her hand, she saw an old man on the side of the road. I’m hungry, he said give me something to eat! The girl gave him a piece of bread. The old man raised both his hands and blessed him.
                                  Going a little further, he found a small child, the child pleaded with the girl to give me something to cover. After thinking for a while, the girl quickly took out her year and gave it to her. A little ahead, a child was shivering with cold, the girl felt pity on him. He covered the child with his muffler. After walking a little further, she started shaking herself with cold, she sat down under a tree.
                                 The next moment he saw stars falling down from the sky. When he looked closely, they were gold coins, his body was covered with beautiful clothes, he had shoes on his feet, a muffler around his neck. In front of him was a beautiful basket, filled with fruits and sweets. God had blessed and rewarded him for his kindness.


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