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The Zoey 101 Cast Only Reunited, and People Reboot Rumors Are Searching Really Good


The throw of Zoey 101 might have left PCA within a decade before, but they are still as close as ever. Following rumors of a possible reboot of this Nickelodeon series began popping up last weekthe show’s alums sent fans into a frenzy when they all came back together for a unique reunion dinner on Monday and documented their entire nighttime via Instagram.

Among the cast members that attended were Matthew Underwood (Logan), Sean Flynn (Chase), Erin Sanders (Quinn), Chris Massey (Michael), Jack Salvatore Jr. (Mark), Victoria Justice (Lola), Abby Wilde (Stacey), Paul Butcher (Dustin), and even the show’s creator, Dan Schneider. Sadly, Links”>Jamie Lynn Spears, that played the show’s title character, missed the major event because she was at Atlanta filming her brand new show.

It is not clear what prompted the former costars to get together, though we’ve got a hunch that they were probably feeling somewhat nostalgic and in need of a catch-up session in the middle of all these reboot rumors. Throughout their night out, the actors filmed themselves singing Zoey 101‘s iconic theme tune, and they attempted to FaceTime Spears. According to Spears’s latest Instagram article, she missed the call because she was asleep, but she did post a movie of the band telling her how much they missed her. There are throw reunions where this came out. Read to see videos and more photos in the night.

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