This iPhone 11 Pro was under a lake for 30 days and it is still working!


Angie Carriere, 50, was out fishing on the Waskesiu Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada when she dropped her iPhone into the lake. It remained underwater for 30 days till she went back to retrieve it. And it worked fine when it was powered on.

Carriere was celebrating her 50th birthday by ice fishing when a gust of wind blew the tent up and as she reacted to that, she ended up dropping her iPhone into the lake.

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Initially, she had given up on ever seeing the phone again but then she remembered that all the photos of her trip were on the phone and she really wanted to get them back.

So Carriere went back to the lake and with help of some friends and a fish finder, she managed to locate the submerged iPhone and pulled it back up with a magnet.

The iPhone being fished out by the magnet. 

The iPhone being fished out by the magnet.  (CTV News )

Much to everyone’s surprise, the iPhone booted and was fully functional.

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While it has not been explicitly mentioned in the news report, the iPhone appears to be the iPhone 11 Pro. The model comes with an IP68 rating which means that the smartphone remains protected at up to four meters for 30 minutes. However, Apple does not recommend submerging the iPhone for any reason.

However, this is not the first case of an iPhone surviving a prolonged submergence underwater. We’ve heard about an iPhone 11 and an iPhone XS also serving a generous dunk. 

Of course, though, Apple does not officially support these situations for liability reasons


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